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38 Migrants From Turkey To Greece Were Siscovered Stranded On A Small, Unidentified Island.

38 migrants, including a lady who was severely pregnant, were discovered stranded on a small, unidentified island near the Turkish-Greek border.

The 22 men, 9 women, and 7 kids claim to have been on the islet in the Evros river since mid-July.

They were transferred to mainland Greece after being found on Monday.

The group was described as being in “quite excellent shape” by the nation’s minister of migration, who added that the pregnant woman had been transported to the hospital as a precaution.

However, the group and human rights organizations claim that at least one youngster died on the islet. Police in Greece have not yet verified this.

Due to the group’s position, it was unclear whether Turkey or Greece should have intervened on their behalf.

According to human rights organizations, thousands of people who wanted to apply for asylum were delayed before getting the chance to do so. After a senior official stated that the country was violating European fundamental rights last year, it also sparked disputes within the EU.

According to some refugees, they were forcibly sent back to Turkish waters.

The Greek government has always refuted these accusations and maintains that it abides by both domestic and international law.

The International Rescue Committee’s Greece director, Dimitra Kalogeropoulou, stated that the incident on the Evros river “highlights the savagery of pushbacks.”

According to the UN, 232 Syrians landed in Greece by water between January and June 2022.

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