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Why You Should Prefer Mahindra Thar Over Other SUVs in India?

When discussing the top-selling cars that dominate the market, some vehicles capture the hearts of millions while others develop cult followings. Among these revered vehicles is the Mahindra Thar, an off-roading beast that has earned its place in automotive culture.

However, there is one thing that separates the Mahindra Thar from all the other vehicles in the world. It is the sole reason why the car is one of the most preferred SUV models in India. In the Mahindra Thar vehicle, respect is not only commanded, respect that is earned is deserved. Now, let’s delve into the points that emphasize why should you opt for the Mahindra Thar over other SUVs in India.

Modern Style and Tough Character

The Mahindra Thar effortlessly combines modern style with a rugged character, making it a standout in terms of appearance. Its design language reflects its tough and durable personality, tastefully modernized while retaining its essence. Compared to competitors like the Force Gurkha and the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, the features of Mahindra Thar and its design feel more balanced and evolved, striking the perfect harmony between sophistication and ruggedness.

In contrast with other compact SUVs always inclined on sharp lines and flashy details, the Mahindra Thar leads to a simple, robust, and refined style. The yellow wheel arches, front and rear bumpers, and spare tire signify its off-road status without diminishing its visual appeal. The interior is a sleek mix of contemporary layout and modern features like a touch infotainment system, steering controls, connected car tech, and keyless entry. Furthermore, it satisfies the needs of off-roaders by being equipped with utilitarian things like door removers, washable seating, a roof-mounted audio system, and a washable floor. The Mahindra Thar maintains the right approach between modernism and tradition, since visually and functionally both inside and out it meets the existing standards.

Iconic Design that Oozes Aggression

The 2024 Mahindra Thar is a vehicle that has been made to recognize the legacy that is inspired by the original Jeep. Its design is distinctive, being a marriage between ruggedness and classic elements, which is evident in its boxy shape that symbolizes power and durability.

The Thar’s round headlights and the wheel arches that stick out pay tribute to its rugged look, which is a sign that the car is good on off-roads. This car will be noticed since it is great both on the road and off the road and its design makes it look like a timeless vehicle.

Open-Top Driving Experience

One of the Mahindra Thar’s standout features is its retractable soft top roof, offering drivers the exhilarating experience of open-top driving. The affordable price of Mahindra Thar on-road price starts at Rs. 12 lakhs and comes with features that not only provide a sense of freedom but also enhance the adventure, fostering a deep connection with the surroundings.

The 2024 Thar’s ability to deliver such an immersive open-top experience makes it a compelling choice for adventurous individuals seeking unforgettable moments on the road.

Evolution Over Time

The authentic improvement and development that the Mahindra Thar has exceptional ability over the years is the main reason behind its prestigious status which makes it one of the most valued SUVs in India. The Thar has experienced many changes on its way and is evolving to be a powerful and multi-functional fighter now.

Originally designed with just a diesel engine and lacking air conditioning, the Thar has evolved into a fully-fledged four-seater SUV. Now, it offers a choice between a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a 2.2-liter diesel engine, catering to diverse preferences and driving needs. Additionally, the introduction of an automatic transmission option has garnered considerable excitement among enthusiasts, enhancing convenience for day-to-day commuting. Plus, the Mahindra Thar mileage of 13-15 KMPL makes your pocket a little on the happier side.

The Thar’s evolution reflects Mahindra’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that it remains relevant and competitive in the ever-changing automotive landscape. This ability to adapt and innovate has undoubtedly contributed to the Thar’s enduring popularity and iconic status among SUV enthusiasts in India.

Off-Road Capabilities

The new Mahindra Thar 5 door solidifies its reputation for exceptional off-roading performance, standing out among its competitors. Equipped with a robust build, ample ground clearance, and a dependable 4×4 drivetrain, it effortlessly tackles rugged terrains including muddy tracks, rocky trails, and steep inclines. Off-roading enthusiasts are drawn to the Thar’s impressive capability to navigate through such challenging conditions.

Its unwavering ability to handle rough and demanding environments ensures an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping off-roading experience every time, making it a compelling choice for adventure seekers.


The Mahindra Thar SUV stands out as a top choice among SUVs in India for several compelling reasons. Its modern style combined with a rugged character, iconic design, and open-top driving experience makes it a unique and desirable vehicle.

Furthermore, its evolution over time reflects Mahindra’s commitment to innovation, while its exceptional off-road capabilities solidify its position as a versatile and adventurous SUV. For those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and adventure, the Mahindra Thar proves to be an unparalleled choice in the Indian automotive market.

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