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Why Is The NRL In Vegas: Everything You Need To Know About 2024 Edition

Earlier in the year, the NRL set its sights on the glittering lights of the Las Vegas strip for its 2024 edition, and sure they delivered.

Although this move from the Down Under to Sin City was audacious, it sparked the interest and excitement of fans and observers alike. And with the kickoff of the NRL games in Vegas, fans in the city were finally able to have a taste of the exciting world of rugby entertainment.

In this article, we will look into this choice of the Rugby League and what makes Vegas such an impressive choice. Here we go.

NRL Origins

Before we go into the fact that the Rugby League is here in Vegas for the 2024 edition, let’s take a quick peek at the league’s origins. From its inception in 1908, the NRL has gained prominence on a global scale due to its show of top-tier talent and fierce competition. Not long after, this sport with its origins in Australia soon attracted fans all over the country, after which it became a way of life.

Now, matches are traditionally held in stadiums across Down Under. And due to the talented teams competing in the league, it has also attracted a devoted fan base as well as impressive media coverage.

Vegas, Here We Come

In recent times, NRL has been contemplating moving to Las Vegas to host the competition. This deviation from the normal tradition of having sports events in Australia came as a very welcome shock to its fans. But then, many found themselves asking: Why Vegas?

The answer to this comes in varying factors; first of which is Vegas’ global renown for its vibrant entertainment culture and top-tier venues. This alluring attribute thus contributed to the league’s choice of selecting Sin City as the new location for this year’s competition.

Added to this, Vegas hosting the League is a strategic move to expand the game’s footprint to international borders. Consequently, this will attract a larger audience and more media presence. This way, the NRL could finally bridge the gap between the sporty world of Australian Rugby and the interesting world of Sin City.

The Venue, The Lineup, and The Event

On March 2nd, 2024, the NRL was able to implement their initiative as they launched the first-ever rugby event on Vegas soil. Filled to capacity with both old, young, and newcomer fans, the Sea Eagles took on the Rabbitohs on that day. Following this first round, the Roosters also played against the Broncos providing more entertainment for the fans.

What’s even more impressive is that these games occurred at the Allegiant Stadium; a stadium going down as the venue where history happened. This stadium boasts 65,000 seats providing enough space for fans to feed their eyes on the action. Also, with its stunning design and modern amenities, the stadium proved why Vegas was the perfect destination for the NRL movement.

Furthermore, the League introduced off-field activities to allow for a more immersive experience for fans. During this period, fans were able to meet and greet their favorite star athletes while also attending exclusive VIP parties. With all these events and activities, it was evident that the NRL went over and beyond to ensure that this guinea pig event was nothing but a success.

Fan Experience

Fans, who had the opportunity to grace this occasion, had a lot of good things to say after the event. For many, the huge stadium was enough to impress them while for some others, it was the off-field activities that got them hooked. Either way, everyone’s conclusion was the same: they had a swell time at the stadium.

A Potential Vegas 2.0 Is On Its Way?

After this first NRL event, many fans found themselves asking when next they would enjoy something so exciting. Well, the good news is that the League claims they have something in the works. According to reports from NRL sources, “We’re thinking about Las Vegas 2.0 and we’re very excited about it”.

The League further claims that the plan is for Vegas 2.0 to be bigger and better by creating an even larger atmosphere for the rugby league in Sin City. Also, in a bid to make things more inclusive and interesting, there may be an introduction of a women’s rugby league game in Las Vegas.

These reports of the NRL’s return fueled an uproar as fans are now very expectant of the game’s second coming. From sources close to the League, fans should expect a formal announcement in June, together with an announcement of the four clubs opening the 2024 season.

Let’s End It Here

This move by the League to Sin City was a very bold and ambitious decision in a bid to capture a wider audience. Fortunately, the 2024 edition of the NRL in Vegas provided an immersive experience for fans and proved to be a groundbreaking success. And as fans are in high anticipation for what the 2025 edition holds, we can only expect the NRL to take center stage in the entertainment capital of the world.

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