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K-POPTNX Taehun Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net...

About Taehun

Choi Taehun, a South Korean member of the Kpop group TNX under P Nation, was born on November 19, 2002. He entered the reality competition LOUD in 2021. He made it through every round of elimination to earn a berth in P Nation’s boy group’s final lineup. He started working with TNX on May 17, 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Choi Tae Hun Hun

BIRTH DATE: November 19, 2002

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’9″


Early Life And Career

Choi Taehun is the leader and lead vocalist of the K-pop group TNX. On November 19, 2002, in Incheon, South Korea, she gave birth. She is a trainee at JYP Entertainment and The Black Label. In the year 2021, he participated in the SBS Loud Survival Competition and was later named a member of the TNX team.

Taehun is a vocalist who is passionate and has a lush vocal range. Additionally, he is a penari who is energetic and has unconventional charisma. Dia is a friend that always has the best advice to provide in any situation that arises.

Taehun is a grumpy and persistent leader who constantly undermines the group’s members. Dia is a supportive friend who consistently makes the group take a stand. Dia is a valued member of the TNX team, and in the future, she will undoubtedly become the largest bintang.

Taehun Quick Facts

Tae Hun, the stage name
Country of origin: South Korea
Birthdate: 2002.11.19
the sign of the sc
The leader, primary dancer, and vocalist of the boy band TNX is Tae Hun.
He was raised and born in Incheon.
His parents, his younger brother, and he make up his family.
He completed high school at Incheon Yeil.
The Dongjoo Choi clan is Tae Hun’s family.
He is often compared to the Sanrio figure Cinnamon Roll by admirers.
He listed his attractive qualities as having nice eyes and a side profile.
Fans gave him the moniker “peach” because his cheek occasionally turned rosy pink.
His lips are lovely.
He was chosen by fellow member Sung Jun to be the member he would present to his sister. Tae Hun was chosen by Sung Jun because of his warmth and compassion.
He is the kind of person who strikes up a conversation when he meets someone for the first time.
Tae Hun is affable and sensitive.
He is the TNX member who complains the most, according to the other members.
Cobalt blue is one of his favorite hues.
He enjoys bread a lot, and bagel is his preferred type.
He like macaroons and mint chocolate.
The animal that he enjoys the most is the Shiba dog.
He seems to prefer watches made of metal. He wears the same brand every time.
He was very interested in fashion.
When someone lies to him, he detests it the most.
His initial aspiration was to play soccer, but after taking part in a talent contest in elementary school, he started to have aspirations of being an idol.
He attended the Ivy Academy of Practical Music in Incheon before joining the PNation training program.
He was successful in his PNation audition on December 29, 2018.
He passed The Black Label’s final round audition in August 2017 and went on to train at PNation.
He joined PNation around the same time as Kyung Jun, making them very close friends.
He’s never taken care of a pet.
Tae Hun reportedly enjoyed a high level of popularity throughout middle and high school. Because he continued to participate in school activities despite being a trainee, the teachers also liked him.
He wears 265 mm shoes.
His ESFJ MBTI type.
Sports like soccer, swimming, shooting, and archery are his favorites.
He enjoys keeping a diary.
His monikers include Peach, Cat, Sunshine, and Incheon’s Son.

Taehun Girlfriend

There is no information about Taehun’s past relationships and he is now single. He has never made it known that he is dating anyone.

Being a highly private guy, Taehun 1 to keep his private affairs private. He has stated that he is not interested in dating at the moment in order to focus on his job.

Taehun Net worth 2024

Although the general public is unaware of the net worth, millions of dollars are reportedly at stake. He has already achieved a lot. He is a member of the well-known boy band TNX and has performed in several commercials and television shows.

His main source of income is his singing career, according to Taehun. He makes money by selling his records, concert tickets, and merchandise. He Alsop earns money by participating in variety shows and giving product endorsements.

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