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These Are The Most Expensive Hotels In The World 2024

A hotel is a posh structure with numerous rooms and other amenities to comfortably house people, usually for a little length of time because no one ever lives in a hotel permanently; instead, guests may only stay there for a few days or months. As a result, it provides short-term housing in exchange for payment from the person staying in a hotel room for the period they will be there.

A hotel is useful when traveling from one location to another, exploring new locations, feeling at home when away from home, or taking use of a luxurious lodging for a while. Because of this, hotels may be found everywhere in cities. A literal definition of a hotel is “Hospitality Provided to Every Laborer.” It can be characterized as a structure or business enterprise that provides guests with temporary hospitality, lodging, or paid lodging.

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World 2024

1. Love’s Deep Submarine Hotel $180,000 Per Night

This hotel, which is a first of its kind, is housed in a submarine called Lovers that is submerged in the ocean off the coast of St. Lucia.
Therefore, it is an underwater hotel, and as its name suggests, it is the ideal place for lovers to stay because it provides everything they could possibly need to enjoy their accommodations and have fun with their partner, including a wonderful marine experience, a romantic underwater experience, total seclusion from other guests, luxurious food, suites, and security.

2. Empathy Suite $100,000 Per Night

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is where you can find the Empathy Suite. With a king bedroom, private pool, floor to ceiling windows, lovely works of art, and much more, it provides a distinctive lodging experience.
Due to its special characteristics, this Suite is better suited for entertainment and leisure because you will receive much more than just lodging. As a result, booking a room here will ensure that you enjoy the greatest hotel experience possible.

3. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva – $80,000

With breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc, and the Alps, this opulent 5-star hotel is situated on Geneva’s waterfront promenade. It has an outdoor pool and an opulent spa.

All of the rooms of Hotel President Wilson, which are priced at $80,000 per night, have air conditioning, cutting-edge technology, Hermès bathroom products, and flat-screen B&O TVs. Throughout the hotel, free high-speed WiFi with a 200 MB data limit is accessible.

The renowned chef Michel Roth’s seasonal Japanese restaurant Umami, which is open from June to September, the Bayview Restaurant by Roth, which received its first Michelin star in 2014 and received 18 out of 20 points at the Gault-Millau guide in 2016, and the Lebanese restaurant Arabesque are among the dining options.

4. The Mark Hotel, Manhattan, New York City – $75,000

With a massive 10,000 square feet of space, the grand Penthouse at The Mark hotels is the biggest hotel suite penthouse in the country.

You can expect a large penthouse that takes up the top two levels of the hotel for $75,000 per night.

You’ll get a spacious open-plan living area, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 2 wet bars, and 2 powder rooms.

5. The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez, France – $53,000

One of the most well-known resorts on the Côte d’Azur is the Hôtel Martinez, which is situated in Cannes, France.

At $53,000, you may have a 1000 square foot room on the top floor of the hotel, complete with a private wood-paneled panorama terrace with breathtaking views of the ocean.

6. The Muraka Suite – The Conrad, Maldives – $50,000

The main bedroom of the luxurious, two-story Muraka lies 16 feet below sea level. The room is advertised as the first underwater hotel suite in the world and is situated in The Conrad in the Maldives.

The bottom storey of the two-story structure is around 16 feet below the Indian Ocean. Along with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the underwater environment, you can also count on luxuries like a butler, private chef, bar, gym, and infinity pool.

7. The Hilltop Villa, Laucala Island Fiji – $45,000

One of the most costly hotel suites in the world is the immaculate Hilltop Villa on Laucala Island in Fiji, which is only a four-hour flight from Australia.

The hotel’s astounding nightly rate is $45,000.

The home, which is owned by Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, a co-founder of Red Bull energy drinks, offers expansive panoramic views of the island itself.

8. Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India – $43,000

The Maharaja’s Pavilion was the previous name of the Raj Palace Hotel because that was where he originally lived. Even a museum honoring India’s illustrious past can be found in the presidential suite.

Beautiful Asian rugs, glittering chandeliers, and luxurious fabrics are just a few of the antiquities and antiques from the Raj era that can be seen throughout the Raj Palace Hotel.

9. The Royal Suite, New York– $40,000

In Midtown Manhattan in New York City, there is a premium hotel and apartment building called The Plaza Hotel. It is situated between 58th Street and Central Park South, near the southeast corner of Central Park, on the western side of Grand Army Plaza, after which it is named, just west of Fifth Avenue.
A grand piano, library, and 12-seat dining table are all featured in the opulent living area, which also includes a private elevator so you can maintain discretion.

10. Burj Al-Arab, Dubai – $28,000

The Burj, which is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was advertised as the first seven-star hotel in history, and it should go without saying that it more than lives up to expectations.

The hotel is located on a man-made island that can only be reached from the mainland by a narrow, private bridge.

The Burj Al-Arab boasts its own own private helipad near the roof, around 210 meters above sea level, in addition to all the fantastic bells and whistles you’d expect to find inside a seven-star hotel, such an underwater restaurant that is accessible by submarine.

A minimum of $28,000 will be required to stay one night in the royal suite.

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