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Then, Now, and Future Prospects: A Journey Through Time and Potential

UAE is not a foreign name to the ears of most people, the United Arab Emirates has been gaining a lot of fame for a long time and if you want to see for yourself what is special about this West Asian country in the Arabian Peninsula, then you might want to pack your bags and visit the place yourself. This article will only try, as words can’t fully describe the magnificence of UAE. However, you still need even the littlest bit of information if you are thinking of going into a foreign country. How is UAE then, now and how will it be in the future?

The UAE is not a one night sensation, they did not just up and poof from nowhere, it in fact has been a developing country since the 90s and 2000s ever since the discovery of natural resources like oil in the country. Over time, it has gradually evolved into the mega country that we know today, and apart from oil, UAE now has a lot of diverse economic powers in different sectors. Today it is one the countries with the highest GDP in the world, not only because of oil business but the diversification of the UAE is unlike any other, a lot of advantageous changes has been made for businesses and investors over the years which has led to their economy rising exponentially and it is estimated to rise even more in the future.

How is residency like in the UAE

With the rise of the United Arab Emirates, a lot of foreigners looking for opportunities to buy property in UAE for investment have started to keep their eyes on this amazing country and today, it stands as one of the countries with the most expatriates. For context, the whole population of UAE as at the last census is 9.4 million, but imagine expats being about 88% of the population while the original emiratis take about 11 percent. This goes to show how accommodating the country is to foreigners; as long as you don’t step out of line anyways. To obtain the right to residency in the UAE, you need to:

  • Own a real estate in the country
  • Own a business in the country
  • Get accepted in a university in the country
  • Apply as a retiree with at least $4100 income in passivity: give or take.

Getting employed by a local company also works.

Get the best real estate in UAE

Real estate in UAE is at an all time high, and you may have to expend a lot more resources looking for a suitable place for yourself, but did you know with Emirates.estate you can start your house-hunting journey on easy mode? Emirates.estate is a real estate aggregator website that has a catalog of properties for sale or for rent in UAE; anywhere in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah. The options are not even limited to housing properties, you can get commercial properties for your business and also invest in off-plan buildings.

Housing properties on Emirates.estate include:

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Penthouses
  • Townhouses
  • Villas.

However, if your choice is commercial properties, they have:

  • Hotels
  • Cafe and restaurants
  • Staff apartments
  • Warehouses
  • Factories etc.

There are a lot of options to choose from and you are the one in total control. Now, to skip to the good part, where are the best places to stay in the UAE.

Best places to reside in UAE

A simple answer to this question and enquiry would simply be any of the Emirates. The UAE has 7 Emirates and they refer to the 7 largest cities in the country.

  1. Dubai: When you hear the UAE, the first place that comes to everyone’s mind is Dubai, its popularity is massive and the name so widespread that it is basically overshadowing all the other Emirates. For a place that was once a fishing village, Dubai is now easily the most populated city in the country. With their main focus on tourism, this country has a lot of luxurious and lustrous settings, events and landmarks to keep the visitors coming again and again. They are ranked second in countries with the most five-star hotels and this is not much surprising considering the fact that a lot of people who visit Dubai are there to enjoy the luxury. While oil production is one of the main sources of income for the UAE, it is only about 1% of Dubai’s GDP as their income comes from the aviation, tourism, real estate and trade services.
  2. Abu Dhabi: Going farther south of Dubai is where you’ll see Abu Dhabi, and despite the names being closely similar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two entirely different Emirates/cities. Abu Dhabi is in fact the capital city of UAE and probably next in popularity to Dubai among all the Emirates. While they are both mega cities, Abu Dhabi has more of a relaxed feeling compared to the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Which you may find a little weird because Abu Dhabi is still the largest of the Emirates when considering land area and is also where the seat of the federal government is based, so one would expect a little more rowdiness. Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi stuck to the UAE’s traditional source of income which is oil production, coupled with their fine and exotic beaches and firm grasp on culture, it also remains a top choice for people that want to live in the UAE.
  3. Sharjah: Who wants a fun fact about the third largest city in the UAE? Did you know this city was actually named WHO healthy city? Main reason being that the sale of alcohol is highly regulated in the Sharjah emirate. You can sell or produce alcohol without a license in the Emirate, no outlet, restaurant or hotel will sell alcohol to you. Of course this garnered a lot of favorable impressions from the Muslim community and has been enticing a lot of them. Sharjah is also named as a cultural center and is also on the list of the best cities to live as a student. Sometime ago, its name rang across the whole world and why is that again? The government decided to implement four working days and three weekend days in their public sector. While they do not mostly focus on tourism, Sharjah is still a center for culture so expect your activities to revolve around visiting museums and since the city is surrounded by a lot of desert areas have no lack of beaches and deserts as their attractions.
  4. Al Ain: A border city, an inland oasis, the fourth largest city in the UAE, that is Al Ain for you. Al Ain is said to be the city with the most concentration of native Emiratis, although most of its population is still expatriates but compared to other cities they have the highest number of natives living in the city. Choosing to preserve some of their long lasting heritage so it is not weird for you to see pre-modern buildings everywhere. The city has the second-oldest hospital in the UAE, the Kannad hospital, established in 1960. Talking about hospitals, it is only right to mention that this city also has the largest hospital in the whole UAE, The Tawam Hospital. In terms of tourism, Al Ain is a developing tourist destination and one thing to note is even people from other cities come to Al Ain for their vacations and getaway.
  5. Ajman: Ajman is a very commercialized city, as they have a port and a free zone where over 12 thousand companies and well over 256 industrial companies run their businesses. Ajman’s port is estimated to be able to take more than 1000 vessels every year and they export to about 65 countries worldwide. The port and free zone are the main contributors to Ajman’s income. In terms of tourism however, Ajman doesn’t lack its own attractions, City Center Ajman; the city’s largest mall is a sight to behold. They also have museums and beaches as well.
  6. Umm Al Quwain: It is said that the translation of this name is Mother of two powers, so people have been speculating what the two powers might be. The most accepted meaning is that the city is rich in both land and water resources and given the fact that Umm Al Quwain’s attractions are mostly beaches, parks, resorts, you might as well go along with this train of thought. The city’s economy is mainly from trading activities, as they are a city also rich in water resources, fishery is one of the main business areas here. Accordingly, the city has made some improvements and changes in their terms in order to make more investors interested, because the free zone has been and is still contributing a big quota to their economy.
  7. Fujairah: This city is the only capital city on the east coast of UAE. It is a perfect blend of city life and countryside where you get the city feeling but without the usual tense atmosphere but with the peace and quiet of the countryside.

It might be a dream come true

Have you always been planning on taking a trip to the UAE? Then the opportunity is just what you need, or you are fully prepared to take trip already, whether for business, tourism or for temporary or permanent residency, this article has at least helped you understand a little of what is in each of the seven Emirates of the UAE and especially how you can easily solve buying and renting of properties. It might be a dream come true if you can take that step forward now.

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