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While YouTube is perfect for streaming audio and video online, sometimes you may want to listen to your favorite songs, playlists, or podcasts when offline. Fortunately, there are easy ways to convert YouTube to MP3 format directly on Windows. This allows extracting just the audio portion from YouTube videos for portable playback on devices without an internet connection.

Way 1 Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with the Best Professional Converter

Converter 1: 5smp3

Best for: Simple and quick YouTube to MP3 conversions.

Price: Free version available, paid pro version unlocked more features

5smp3 is a very powerful YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows. The intuitive interface enables pasting the video URLs directly or searching within the software. Users can selectively download audio, videos, subtitles based on their needs.


  1. Support conversion of playlists, channels and searched queries
  2. Batch conversion for multiple files simultaneously
  3. Customizable settings for audio quality and formats
  4. Integrated video downloader for extracting videos too
  5. Option to keep video descriptions and tags


  1. Paid version required for advanced settings
  2. Might show occasional ads
  3. Learning curve for customized settings

Verdict: Beginner friendly software with good conversion speeds. The free version offers basic YouTube to MP3 capabilities for casual users.

Converter 2: ClipGrab

Best for: Extracting audio from YouTube with single click simplicity.

Price: Free and open source

ClipGrab is a lightweight yet powerful YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows and Linux. It allows downloading audio from YouTube with just one click after pasting the video URL. The clean interface focuses only on the essential conversion process without unnecessary frills.


  1. Extract audio from playlists, channels or search results
  2. Maintains metadata and audio quality
  3. Support a wide range of formats include MP3, M4A etc.
  4. Option to save files to cloud services
  5. Portable application without installation


  1. No advanced customization options
  2. Learning curve for advanced users
  3. Potential bugs as an open source software

Verdict: A superb simple solution for users looking to grab YouTube audio online or offline in MP3 format in a snap.

Converter 3: Free YouTube to mp3 converter

Best for: Advanced users looking for full conversion customization.

Price: Free

As the name suggests, this YouTube to MP3 converter is completely free yet very powerful. It comes packed with tons of options to customize the audio extraction setup. Users get full control over settings like video quality, format, parameters, destination folders etc.


  1. Support for YouTube along with Vimeo, Facebook and others
  2. Convert playlists and channels with a single click
  3. Adjustable audio quality, format and codec
  4. Schedule or auto-convert downloaded links
  5. Dropbox and Google Drive integration


  1. Overwhelming options for beginners
  2. Sparse user interface may be complicated
  3. Occasional bugs due to unsupported sites

Verdict: A advanced YouTube to MP3 toolkit but requires technical understanding. Worth a try for power users looking for maximum control over conversions.

Way 2 Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with a Recorder

As an alternative to converters, you can use a screen recording software to extract audio from YouTube videos:

Ezvid Screen Recorder:

  • Download and install Ezvid on your Windows PC. It’s a free screen recording tool.
  • Open the YouTube video you want to record audio from in your browser.
  • Start recording in Ezvid by clicking the record button. Ensure system audio is selected for capture.
  • Let the YouTube video play through without interrupting the recording.
  • Once done, stop the recording in Ezvid. It will save the screen capture as a video file.
  • Open the recorded video file in Ezvid and click “Extract Audio” to save just the audio portion as a separate MP3 file.
  • You can now trim/edit the audio clip as needed in Ezvid before saving the final MP3.

Way 3 Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with an Extension

1. Video DownloadHelper

Best for: Quick and easy extraction of YouTube audio on Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Video DownloadHelper is a popular extension to save videos and extract MP3 audio from various online platforms like YouTube. It integrates seamlessly into the browser with intuitive icons. Users can directly download audio or playlist conversions by clicking the download button after playing any YouTube video. There is no need to visit third party websites or install additional apps.

Salient Features:

  1. One-click download of YouTube audio in multiple formats
  2. Batch download playlists and channels
  3. Smart detection of video URLs on any website
  4. Configurable download settings and destination folder
  5. Works simultaneously with other extensions

Verdict: A hassle-free solution for occasional YouTube to MP3 needs straight from the familiar browser environment.

Download Cost: Free

2. YouTube to MP3

Best for: Quick MP3 extraction while maintaining metadata.

YouTube to MP3 extension focuses only on audio conversions for Chrome. It seamlessly retrieves song tags and video descriptions to the MP3 files. Users can paste video URLs or search directly within the extension interface to start downloads. Audio files are generated at a few clicks without leaving the browser.

Salient Features:

  1. Single purpose utility optimized for MP3 generation
  2. Preserves metadata like artist, title from YouTube
  3. Support variable audio quality and formats
  4. Option to queue downloads for future use
  5. Lightweight without unnecessary settings

Verdict: A barebones solution that excels at fast MP3 rips while retaining information from YouTube videos.

Download Cost: Free

3. Video Save from YouTube

Best for: Advanced desktop integrations beyond simple audio extraction.

Video Save for YouTube brings the powerful features of a desktop app via its browser extension. In addition to MP3 generation, it allows direct video downloads in various formats up to 4K and 720p audio quality. Advanced options like scheduled downloading, file rename templates and playlists management add rich controls.

Salient Features:

  1. Download videos in multiple resolutions and formats
  2. Automate ongoing downloads via queues
  3. Organize playlists and channels for later use
  4. Batch file renamer with customizable templates
  5. Integrated media player to watch downloads

Verdict: A feature-rich all-in-one YouTube downloader focusing on both audio and video capabilities.

Download Cost: Free basic, paid pro upgrade available

Way 4 Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with Web-based Converters


YTmp3 is a free online YouTube to MP3 conversion service that allows users to extract high quality audio from YouTube videos directly in the browser. It provides a simple interface where anyone can paste the YouTube share URL, select the MP3 format properties, and immediately get a direct download link for the converted audio file.


  1. One click YouTube to MP3 conversion without software
  2. Support MP3 in various bitrates up to 320kbps
  3. Convert playlists and channels in bulk
  4. Integrated audio player to preview playback quality
  5. Free to use without registration


  1. Limited to a small number of free daily conversions
  2. Dependency on internet speed for downloads
  3. No customization options over encoding settings

Operation flow:

  1. Access YTmp3 via any web browser
  2. Paste the YouTube URL in the provided field
  3. Adjust audio properties like bitrate, quality etc.
  4. Click on “Convert to MP3” button
  5. Get the direct MP3 file download link immediately


FLVTO is another popular website to extract audio from YouTube videos without any software. It provides a simple interface for pasting YouTube share links and immediately offers an MP3 file for direct download.


  1. Completely free to use without limits
  2. Clean interface focused only on core conversion
  3. Fast extraction speeds for high quality MP3s
  4. Option to download entire playlists or channels
  5. Works directly from all modern web browsers


  1. No custom settings over format, quality etc
  2. Ad banners may interrupt the user experience
  3. Dependency on internet speed for downloads

Operation flow:

  1. Go to FLVTO.biz website on any browser
  2. Paste the YouTube URL in the main search bar
  3. Automatically previews extracted audio
  4. Click “Download MP3” to get direct download link
  5. The MP3 file gets saved on your local device

Comparison of the 9 YouTube to MP3 converters

Software Websites Supported Output Formats Supported Ratings
5smp3 YouTube MP3, M4A ⭐⭐⭐⭐
ClipGrab YouTube MP3, M4A ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Free YouTube to MP3 converter YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook  MP3, M4A ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ezvid Screen Recorder N/A MP3 ⭐⭐⭐
Video DownloadHelper YouTube MP3, M4A ⭐⭐⭐⭐
YouTube to MP3 YouTube MP3 ⭐⭐⭐
Video Save from YouTube YouTube MP3, MP4, WebM ⭐⭐⭐⭐
YTmp3 YouTube MP3 ⭐⭐
FLVTO YouTube MP3 ⭐⭐⭐

Safety Considerations when Using a YouTube to MP3 Converter

 Check if the content you want to convert has limitations on downloading or redistribution due to copyright. It’s best to only extract audio from videos explicitly made available for that purpose.

  • Do not use downloaded MP3s for any commercial purposes like monetizing playlists unless holding proper licenses from creators. Extracting audio should only be limited to personal use.
  • Verify the reputation and reliability of any YouTube to MP3 software, extension or website before installing or providing them access to your browser/system. Read reviews from trusted sources.
  • Be cautious of converters and downloads from unknown third-party sources as they could potentially include malware or privacy risks. Stick to reputed developers only.
  • Mentally note any terms and conditions or disclaimers regarding legal implications of downloads provided on converter pages. Do not ignore copyright policies.
  • Browser extensions may occasionally be outdated offering security vulnerabilities. Ensure they are updated to the latest versions for maximum safety.
  • Use a dedicated YouTube to MP3 tool rather than complex recorders to avoid potential issues from running external programs.
  • Limit downloads to your actual usage requirements and do not mass extract content from YouTube without understanding legal aspects fully.

Limitations of Using YouTube to MP3 Converter

Technical Limitations:

  • Audio quality may degraded during the MP3 compression compared to the original FLAC/WAV quality.
  • Complex audio properties like high resolution, surround sound, etc cannot be retained.
  • Dependence on internet for web converters causes buffering, speed or connectivity issues.

Convenience Limitations:

  • Additional software/extensions require installation and updates.
  • Multistep processes are less intuitive than straightforward streaming.
  • Bulk downloads take more time than single quick conversions.

Copyright Limitations:

  • Using copyrighted content for commercial or non-personal uses is illegal.
  • Protected channels may disable downloads through converters.
  • Playlists or channels from premium accounts cannot be extracted entirely.

Feature Limitations:

  • Some metadata like description, tags, playlists are not copied fully.
  • Limited or no options to customize encoder settings over quality.
  • Recordings through screen have extra minutes of unrelated content.
  • Web converters have restricted daily quota or file size limits.

Usability Limitations:

  • Multiple programs confuse users about best approach for needs.
  • Learning curves exist to understand advanced customization.
  • Troubleshooting errors requires technical understanding at times.


In conclusion, YouTube provides a rich source of audio, but converting videos to MP3 personally is important. This article discussed some of the best free and paid ways to download YouTube videos as MP3 files on Windows – through converters, recorders, extensions or online websites. Evaluating one’s specific needs helps determine the most suitable tool to extract high quality audio hassle-free from YouTube.

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