The Resurgence of Coupe Glasses in Cocktail Culture

NEWSThe Resurgence of Coupe Glasses in Cocktail Culture

The coupe glass, which can be used for Champagne or cocktails, has long been popular in the food and drinks business and is now pushing the Martini glass to become the most popular spirit-forward cocktail glass. In this article, we shall have an understanding of couple glasses and different kinds of drinks that are taken in the coupe glasses. Thus, you are recommended to read the article without any kind of limitation.

What are Coupe Glasses?

A coupe is pronounced as “koop,” and it is a stemmed glass with a wide bowl that has slim walls that ascend to the rim. The coupe glasses, named after the size of a martini glass, used to be just a mirror for Champagne, today it is for the “up” cocktails which include drinks that are served without ice but that were mixed or shaken with it.

Why Champagne Towers Use Coupe Glasses

Champagne towers have long been recognized as symbols of opulent and festivity adorning the tables of a super posh event or a glamorous party. These towering structures are often accompanied by columns of sparkling gushing liquid and can be perceived as extremely luxurious due to the dependence on the strong glasses – coupes. Champagne and coupe glasses have a certain history that can be said to be intertwined in some way. The coupe glass originated in Europe in 17th century when such a vessel started to be utilized by the upper stratum of society. Coupe glasses were characteristically shallow and bowl shaped with a stem. It was made of delicate material like crystal or glass. However, the coupe was not selected purely because of the style it offered; functionality was equally considered. Again the coupe had a better surface area. This was able to keep the formation of bubbles to a minimum while also allowing them to burst and disappear fast. Research shows that it helped improve the aroma and taste of the wine.

Continuing to the next century and pushing the coupe glasses into the twentieth century, the coupe glasses stays an image of the sophistication and the wealth of a person. Nevertheless, the ways of serving champagne evolved hand in hand with its manufacturing process. Whereas earlier, champagne was lighter and less fizzy, the new variant of the beverage was indeed more effervescent. These alterations in champagne characteristics led to another worry that the coupe glass’s wide open surface area surface reduces the time requisite for the bubbles to detach thus lowering the wine’s fizz and sparkle. Thus, while the flute is taller, it is also narrower. It became adopted as the preferred container, though not the superior one. It helped in that it maintained the amount of carbonation through less contact with the external environment.

Various beverages were severed using the coupe Glass

There you have it, the coupe glass pairs best with all manner of mixed drinks that are consumed without ice but rather when they are shaken or stirred. A few drinks that look great served in a coupe glass are as follows:

  • Sidecar: The Sidecar was created in Europe towards the end of WWI and, like most great cocktails, is best enjoyed in a coupe. The Sidecar, a classic cocktail that is simply divine when served with a coupe glass contains brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice.
  • Martinis : It could be pretty expected that Martinis are connected to their eponymous glass but it doesn’t mean you have to drink it from this glass only! The coupe glass has again found popular use for serving martinis. This is due to the elegance and functionality of the product or service in question. Give it a go and you would discover that you prefer it that way!
  • Daiquiris : Daiquiris can be considered as a type of cocktails based on blender ice as opposed to other drinks served in coupes. These cocktails are also often even in high glasses. However, as Rum and Cointreau based, spirit-forward drinks, they adapt best to a coupe glass. In mixed drinks, a daiquiri is extremely flexible. It also has the advantage of flexibility in which one can change the base fruit. It can then be strawberry, banana, mango or any fruit.
  • Margaritas : Margaritas are liked to be taken with ice in a rocks glass; however, they can also be taken in an up glass, a coupe glass. Margaritas consist of Tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice. Shake and strain into a coupe glass. It possesses an easily accessible flat and broad brim on the outside enabling one to put a lot of salt on the glass.
  • Champagne : It is highly advised that Champagne be consumed with a Champagne wine glass, which helps to aerate the wine and preserve the floating bubbles. The history of the coupe cannot be ignored. Champagne is still enjoyed in coupes during celebrations.

In conclusion

Thus, coupe glass, with its establishment and many possibilities of application, has become a favorite among Champagne and many cocktails. This rebirth proves once again that it is not only stylish but also useful in the world of spirit forward beverages and is now able to really compete with the Martini glass.

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