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The Most Stylish Celebrities In Hollywood 2022

Celebrity style enthusiasts always look forward to December since it is jam-packed with A-list events. There are plenty of day-to-day style cues to glean from the stars and their winter street-style ensembles, but with party season in full swing, you might want to draw inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet at film festivals, movie premieres, and award ceremonies.

List Of The Most Stylish Celebrities In Hollywood 2022

1. Zendaya

The 25-year-old multi-hyphenate is always experiencing a year full of fashion moments that most people can only imagine, so 2021 should be expected to have been her best year yet — and it was. Since she appeared in three new, high-profile movies this year (Malcom & Marie, Dune, and Spider-Man: No Way Home), the actress’s film workload was heavy. As a result, she and stylist Law Roach are ending the year with a long list of looks. Fans are accustomed to the queen of appreciated consistency’s sleek and slender silhouettes, as seen in the off-the-runway burgundy Alaa dress the former Disney Channel star wore during the Dune press tour or the internet-shattering vintage Roberto Cavalli gown she wore to the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris with gold skeleton back details. The star recently wore a special lace spiderweb gown by Valentino for the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, and during the Dune press tour, she wore a chain top by Vivienne Westwood that had a feel similar to the movie’s postapocalyptic theme. Despite frequently being referred to as the highlight of any red carpet, the Euphoria star finally received her due this year as she won the CFDA’s 2021 Fashion Icon Award.

2. Lily Tiger

Lily Tiger has been nominated for the “Creative Fashionista of the Year” award at the American Influencer Awards 2021, and she has already racked up thousands of votes. The blogger draws viewers with his vibrant, flamboyant, and unconventional photographs that encourage girls to make changes.

3. Miley Cyrus

The girl has evolved from the Disney figure to become an 80s culture icon. Miley is one of the few who has the courage to create a mallet hairstyle using strands of various lengths, and she does it expertly. With her overabundance of leather items, purposeful carelessness, layering, and dark colors, the girl has a grunge-inspired aesthetic. Miley also enjoys the cowboy look, which includes Cossacks, suede jackets, and denim clothing. Even though the image is monochromatic, the girl adds chains and combines textures to make it fashionable.

4. Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang was a nominee for the American Influencer Awards 2021’s “Fashion Blogger of the Year” category. The girl’s primary talent is blending current fashion trends with her own unique perspective. The blogger makes vibrant photos by mixing garments from the general market with lavish accessories.
Trend hues are prevalent in the fashion blogger’s images, which feature cages and animalistic designs.

Armani, Versace, and Stella McCartney are three of Jessica’s preferred labels. The girl appeared on the glossy’s pages several times this year, and in July she was featured on the magazine’s front cover. The magazine also published a lengthy story about the blogger.

5. Bella Hadid

The girl has long demonstrated her refined sense of style and capacity to transform even the most meaningless items into fashion.
Bella was one of the first people to wear low-rise jeans and tinted sunglasses in 2021. The girl loves cropped tops, logo-adorned T-shirts, sweatpants, Dc. Martens, and Armani.

6. Joe Kravitz

The girl creates stylish photos by expertly utilizing boudoir attire. The actress adores Saint Laurent and frequently wears the label’s clothing.

Zoe enjoys grunge fashion. The lady flaunts her style not just on the red carpet but also while out and about or shopping, donning vintage T-shirts and tattered jeans and accessorizing them with colorful items.

When a girl goes out, she prefers color to a plain appearance, such as a bright pink Armani dress or a floral-adorned Dior attire. Even if a simple dress was chosen, Zoe would nevertheless accessorize it with wild makeup, bags in odd shapes, and accent jewelry.

7. Taylor Joy

At the Golden Globe Awards, one of the most memorable pictures was of her wearing a plum Dior dress. But this is hardly Anya’s boldest exit. The actress enjoys wearing daring mini-dresses like Gucci and Viktor & Rolf, which surprises the audience.
With dark makeup and a black lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana, Taylor may make a gothic entrance. With the aid of Gucci outfits in the 1960s fashion, the actress frequently makes photos in a throwback style. Ani likes to accent clothing with unique shoes with unusual heels, which is not doable for everyone.

8. Timothée Chalamet

When Timothée Chalamet showed up at the 2022 Academy Awards earlier this year, one could argue that he “broke the internet.” The actor arrived dressed in a spring 2022 Louis Vuitton costume, with just a few stacked necklaces visible below a black sequin coat. Although this was his inaugural shirtless red carpet outing, this wasn’t the first time Chalamet astonished the fans in a bedazzled Louis Vuitton outfit. The celebrity wore a Louis Vuitton outfit to the Golden Globes in 2019 that had a sparkly harness and quickly became a fan favorite. I can’t wait to see what Chalamet has in store for next year because it’s obvious that his passion of taking fashion risks will continue to provide us significant red carpet moments for quite some time.
-Taylor Lashley, social media manager

9. Lil Nas X

I’ve had so much fun observing how Lil Nas X’s sense of style has developed to match his increasingly brash and self-assured public demeanor. The musician frequently dresses campily for the red carpet, even sporting a neon-green Christopher John Rogers outfit fit for a Batman villain. That’s why it was energizing to see him take a more sophisticated stance on the black carpet of the Video Music Awards in August. The striking, sculptural style was created by British designer Harris Reed and has an enormous headpiece that is reminiscent of the brilliant halo effects seen in many High Renaissance artworks. The celebrity added a healthy dose of attitude to the ensemble by smirking as he proudly displayed his sculpted and radiant top half. A sacred image of queer black boy delight, the haute couture moment.
Fashion news journalist André-Naquian Wheeler

10. Mahmood

Mahmood is a singer-songwriter from Italy. He became well-known after participating in the sixth season of The X Factor in Italy. With the songs “Soldi” from 2019 and “Brividi,” which he performed with Blanco in 2022, he has won the Sanremo Music Festival twice. His Sanremo victories gave him the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in those years, where he placed sixth in 2022 and second in 2019 as the host entrant.

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