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The Most Bankable K-pop Idols In 2022

The hallyu, often referred to as the Korean wave, has unquestionably swept the globe. K-pop stars now have fans all around the globe.
The greatest companies in the world have taken note of this strong trend and have several times chosen the biggest celebrities from the K-pop world to represent their products and brands.

Which K-pop idols would have the greatest impact in representing a brand or product both locally and globally in 2022?
The list below highlights the individual K-pop idols that have the most ambassadorship deals right now. These idols are also the top ten best that will sell a brand they are promoting or representing locally and internationally in 2022. Group members like BTS are excluded from this list as they do not secure or accept ambassadorship deals individually but collectively as a group.

List Of The Most Bankable K-pop Idols In 2022


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