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The French Economy Would Rise Marginally In The First Quarter [The Central Bank]

After expanding by 0.1% in the previous quarter, the French economy is on track to have a somewhat positive increase this quarter, the central bank said on Wednesday.
According to the Bank of France, businesses surveyed for its monthly business sentiment survey said activity in January was a little bit higher than anticipated from the previous month.

According to the central bank, businesses anticipate a minor slowdown in the service sector in February, steady industrial activity, and a decline in construction.

Industry-wide supply chain problems, which were mentioned as a problem by 40% of companies in December, dropped to 33% of companies in January from that amount of 33% in the construction industry.

Like they frequently do at the beginning of the year, businesses also reported a rise in selling prices, albeit it was not as significant as it was at the start of the previous year.
The central bank reported that the proportion of businesses experiencing personnel issues decreased as well, falling to 51% for the fourth consecutive month.

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