These Are The Cheapest Towns in America In 2022

You might think about relocating to a smaller town if you’re sick of the constant traffic and the high expense of living. A tiny town also has a lot to offer in terms of convenience and easy living. However, it would be beneficial if you performed your research before the major decision. You should make sure the location you choose is within your budget and offers the services and employment possibilities you require. We’ve put together a list of the 10 most affordable small towns in America to live in by 2022 to aid you in your search.

These communities all have a median property price of under $160,000 and a population of fewer than 25,000. Check out our list if you’re seeking for a cheap location to live.

List of the 10 Most Affordable Small Towns in America In 2022

10. Nixa, Missouri the Rare Gem For Simple Living

  • Population: 19,065
  • Median Income: $51,475
  • Median Home Price:$135,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 11% lower than the national average

There are 19,065 people living in the southwest Missouri city of Nixa. It stands out from other small towns since it has all the conveniences of a big metropolis while maintaining a small town atmosphere. There are several shops and restaurants there, and Springfield, Missouri, can be reached in only 20 minutes. In Nixa, the average house is $153,000, and the average mortgage payment is $1375 per month. For someone seeking a modest lifestyle, it’s not too awful with an average cost of living of 8%.

9. Soda Spring, Idaho, the Town with Hundreds of Carbonated Natural Water

  • Population: 2994
  • Median Income: $31,250
  • Median Home Price:$116
  • Average Cost of Living: 13% lower than the
  • national average

Just 140 people live in the little town of Soda Springs, which is situated in southeast Idaho. Soda Springs is a distinctive community despite its tiny size. The only natural spring with carbonated water in the entire world is there, according to Idaho County. A park encircles the springs, which are situated on a slope. Visitors can relax in the springs or sip the carbonated water. Apart from that, though, it’s fairly livable because to all the social amenities that might make your life go.

8. Brodhead, Wisconsin, the Town with an Amazing Community

  • Population: 3,065
  • Median Income: $51,875
  • Median Home Price:$107,000
  • Average Cost of Living: Brodhead’s cost of living is.. 14% lower than the national average.

Small-town Brodhead is situated in south-central Wisconsin. With a population of 3,065 and a low crime rate, it is a close-knit neighborhood. And Brodhead is the real deal if you’re searching for a town that values its locals. There are numerous clubs, groups, and activities to participate in. Living expenses are 14% less than the national average. There is no better way to put it.

7. Pittsburg, Kansas, the Town with Rich Cultural Heritage

  • Population: 4,696
  • Median Income: $46,385
  • Median Home Price:$100,500
  • Average Cost of Living: 23 % lower than the national average

Sometimes you desire both an intriguing culture and an affordable small town to call home. That’s a brief summary of Pittsburgh, Kansas. This region has a strong cultural heritage and history. Both the state’s first African-American newspaper editor and its first African-American mayor are from Kansas. In this village, you can purchase a great old house for $100,000. They have great internet if you work remotely.

6. Martinsville, Virginia, the Quiet Rural-Ish Town

  • Population: 13,821
  • Median Income: $42,219
  • Median Home Price:$131,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 20% lower than the national average

A little town called Martinsville can be found in southern Virginia. With a population of 13,821 inhabitants, it is a peaceful, amorphous rural town. Nevertheless, this location has something to offer anyone looking to get away from the chaos of a big city. Along with a wide selection of parks and trails, there are lots of stores and eateries. Martinsville may therefore be the ideal vacation spot if you’re seeking for a location to unwind and appreciate the little things in life.

5. Ashland, Ohio, the Town that Graded an A in all Aspects apart From Employment

  • Population: 21,409
  • Median Income: $49,192
  • Median Home Price:$100,500
  • Average Cost of Living: 19% lower than the national average

The small town of Ashland is situated in north-central Ohio. With a population of 21,409, it is a community that welcomes families. There are many shops and restaurants, top-notch schools, and a low crime rate. The employment rate is slightly below the national average, which is the sole drawback. However, if you work from home, you will have plenty of money to spend in Ashland on the activities you enjoy.

4. Tupelo, Mississippi, the Birth Place if the Legendary Elvis Presley

  • Population: 38, 114
  • Median Income: $39,170
  • Median Home Price:$131,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 17% lower than the national average

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, where he is renowned. Northeastern Mississippi is the location of the town, which has 38,114 residents. The majority of the town’s regular citizens are wonderful folks who will make you feel at home. You will have enough of money to enjoy the town’s amenities because the cost of living is 17% lower than the national average. There are numerous parks, museums, and eateries to keep you occupied.

3. Ely Nevada, the Remote Mountain Town

  • Population: 4,255
  • Median Income: $51,875
  • Median Home Price:$107,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 15% lower than the national average

Do you believe that now is the ideal moment to purchase a home? A secluded mountain is calling to you if you dislike your present city’s skyrocketing home costs. There are 4,255 people living in the isolated mountain hamlet of Ely, Nevada. It is in the state’s eastern region and well-known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities. You can save up enough money to purchase a property and live comfortably because the cost of living is 15% lower than the national average.

2. Benton Harbor, Michigan, The Town that Sits Across the River

  • Population: 10,049
  • Median Income: $24,813
  • Median Home Price:$85,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 21% lower than the national average

Even though Benton Harbor is one of the older communities, it is cozy and tolerable. If you don’t mind the cold, it’s the perfect location for you and your family. Lake Michigan is located across the river from the town. It is situated in southwest Michigan and has 10,049 residents. You can afford to live a beautiful and exciting life in Benton because the cost of living is 21% lower than the national average.

1. Claxton Georgia, The Fruit Cake Capital of the World

  • Population: 2,200
  • Median Income: $31,875
  • Median Home Price: $96,000
  • Average Cost of Living: 18% lower than the national average

Claxton, Georgia, is not a horrible place to reside if you desire to do so. Eastern Georgia is home to the world’s fruitcake capital, according to Roadside America. 2,200 people call Claxton their home. You can live comfortably here because the cost of living is 18% cheaper than the national average. In Claxton, there are lots of fun things to do in addition to visiting the fruit cake factory. These include attending the Georgia National Fair, the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum tour, and the Claxton Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival.

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