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TEMPEST Hanbin Profile, Age, Military, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Hanbin

Hanbin, an R&B singer, was born on January 19, 1998, in Vietnam.

HanBin is a young man who specializes in street dance. He was born and raised in Vietnam. He was well-known in the Vietnamese dance community prior to moving to Korea and joining the training program.You can find all the information about Hanbin in this article. It will clarify Hanbin’s information, including his biography, net worth, job, skills, relationships, and drama.


BIRTH NAME: Hung Ngo Ngoc

BIRTH DATE: January 19, 1998

BIRTH PLACE: Yên Bái, Vietnam

HEIGHT: 5’9″


Early Life And Career

Hanbin has always enjoyed singing, and as he grew older, he developed a passion for dance. In response to his mother’s advice, he realized he needed to work hard to learn how to dance. He initially believed, “Oh, I really want to do this job.”

Hanbin, who continued to pursue his love of dance by competing in regional events and taking home prizes while serving as the captain of a K-Pop dance cover team in Vietnam, joined Belief Lab as a trainee in 2019 and flew to Korea.

He chose the time he arrived in Korea on an aircraft by himself as his most memorable and unforgettable occasion. He is stated to be interested, afraid, lonely, and uneasy because he is living in a foreign country. As a result, he took part in Belief’s I-LAND survival program for about 11 months while still living the training life.

He had no idea how strong his singing or dancing abilities were prior to his performance, but he discovered a lot about himself thanks to the program, realizing that “I can do better than I think.” He described himself as a “super vocal” when he joined I-LAND. It was revealed on June 2nd, 2021, that he had signed an exclusive contract with Yue Hwa Entertainment and will make his debut as a member of TEMPEST once I-LAND ended.

The chorus and bridge sections of the title song and b-side tracks are split into two parts with main vocal Hyuk and backing voices, and they have a wide range and steady live dance. Hanbin, a teenage vocalist, won the public’s favor with his stunning choreography and attractive face, winning the competition with a sizable amount of votes.

On January 4th, 2021, Big Hit uploaded a video of Hanbin to the Big Hit Label YouTube page. In just 18 hours, the video had over 658,000 views and 169,000 likes. It has now received more than a million views. The NCT 127 cover video, which received over 1 million views and supportive comments on the TEMPEST YouTube channel on January 5th, 2022, was released as support for Hanbin’s efforts.

Even though Hanbin’s name was named No. 1, supporters from many other nations, including Vietnam and Korea, have been surprised and amazed.

Hanbin Quick Facts

When Habin was a contestant on the television program I-LAND, he was 22 years old (22 in international terms; 23 in Korean terms). When he made his TEMPEST debut, he was 23 years old.
Among the I-LAND contenders, he was the second-oldest member.
Hanbin is five feet nine inches tall, or 176 cm.
Personality: According to the MBTI, Hanbin is an ESFJ personality type, which describes him as outgoing, perceptive, feeling, and judging.
Hometown: Vietnam’s Yen Bai.
Education: Marketing major at the Hanoi University of Commerce.
Known as Hubi.
The dance crew C.A.C, a Vietnamese dance group well-known on YouTube for its kpop covers, was founded and led by Habin.
Samgyeopsal, a meal made of three layers of beef, is his favorite dish.
Hanbin finished in 10th position in I-LAND season 2 before being eliminated. He was unable to join the final lineup that ultimately comprised Enhypen.
Hanbin prepared for her I-LAND competition over the course of 11 months.
2018’s Hanoi Kpop Random Dance in Public saw him win for best player.
His six pets each have a separate Instagram account at hubi.cats.

Hanbin Military

Hanbin, a member of the K-pop boy band TEMPEST, is exempt from mandatory military service at this time. Although South Korean men are expected to serve in the military for 18 months, there are few exceptions, such as for internationally successful athletes and singers. Hanbin is still a relatively new artist, but he has not yet attained the degree of success that would make him eligible for an exemption. He might be able to put off serving until after he has had more time to advance his profession.

Hanbin might, however, decide to enlist in the military even if he is not obligated to do so. Some Korean males see serving in the military as a rite of passage and as a method to win the public’s respect and admiration. Hanbin would probably join the military if he chooses to do so when TEMPEST has finished its current promotion cycle.

Hanbin has not yet made any intentions about his military duty as of August 2023. We must wait to see what he chooses to do.

Hanbin Net Worth 2024

In 2024, Hanbin’s net worth is anticipated to be close to $1 million. His revenues from his music career, brand sponsorships, and individual investments are included in this.

The boy group TEMPEST includes the vocalist and dancer Hanbin from South Korea. It’s ME, It’s WE, the group’s first mini-album, served as his acting debut in 2022. Hanbin is renowned for his dynamic singing and dancing abilities. Additionally, he has made appearances in a number of television programs, such as Produce X 101 and Under Nineteen.

Hanbin makes money through brand sponsorships in addition to his profits from his music career. Among the companies he has sponsored are Lotte Duty Free, Sprite, and Penshoppe. Hanbin’s Closet is the name of his clothes line.In the K-pop scene, Hanbin is a rising star. His net worth is anticipated to increase in the years to come due to his talent and popularity.

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