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About Nicholas

Wang Yixiang, better known by his stage name Nicholas, is a Taiwanese member of the J-pop group &TEAM under HYBE. He was born on July 9, 2002. He previously competed in the BELIFT LAB-produced South Korean survival show I-LAND. At the age of 20, Nicholas made his &TEAM debut on December 7, 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Nicholas Wang

BIRTH DATE: July 9, 2009


HEIGHT: 6’1″


Early Life And Career

Nicholas is a Taiwanese rapper and singer signed to HYBE Labels Japan (Korean: ; Japanese: ). He belongs to the boy band &TEAM. His participation in I-LAND and &AUDITION – The Howling, two reality survival shows, is also what made him most well-known.

On July 9, 2002, Nicholas was born in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2019, he began his K-pop training at Belift Lab, a division of HYBE Corporation. He competed in the reality competition I-LAND in 2020, coming in at number 11. He was given the opportunity to participate in the &AUDITION – The Howling – project even though he did not make the final lineup, which finally resulted in the creation of &TEAM.

On December 7, 2022, &TEAM released their first extended play, First Howling: Me. Since then, the group has released a number of singles, such as “Under the Skin,” “Shine,” and “Good Feeling.”

The multifaceted talents of icholas as a rapper, singer, and dancer are well renowned. In addition, he speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, and Korean with ease. He is a well-liked team member who is renowned for his upbeat attitude and vivacious demeanor.

Nicholas Quick Facts

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Nicholas Scar

Nicholas has had a scar on his left cheek since he was a youngster. Fans have conjectured that he may have sustained the scar in an accident, although he has never disclosed the circumstances behind it. Although the scar is hardly perceptible, it is a distinguishing characteristic that makes Nicholas stand out.

In a video that was uploaded to TikTok in July 2023, Nicholas first made his scar public. The video rapidly became popular,

Nicholas Net worth

Recently, Bard was updated. Team Nicholas’s updated profile photo and 2024 net worth
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Nicholas Megalis and his pals started the YouTube channel &Team Nicholas. The channel had over 10 million subscribers and over 1 billion views as of July 2023. The majority of the channel’s material consists of challenges, pranks, and sketches.

Team Nicholas’s net wealth is not widely known. However, it is projected to be in the millions of dollars based on their YouTube profits and other revenue sources.

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