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Switch to Magento 2 and Choose Quick Site Optimization

Since 2008, CMS Magento has become one of the reference tools in the eCommerce industry. However, it’s time for an update. The market is gradually moving to Magento 2 to replace the first generation. The CMS offers improved work tools and functionality. Customers will receive advanced e-commerce architecture, increasing the processing speed and number of orders.

Several technical issues accompany the transition to a new CMS. For a hassle-free migration, we offer Magento 2 upgrade services. A team of experts in the field will analyze your project. We will select the most optimal transition strategy. You will save time and money, and the online store will continue to generate profit with the already-updated engine.

Is it worth switching to M2: reasons for migration

CMS M1 has long been one of the critical platforms for the e-commerce market. However, it is currently no longer supported. The CMS no longer receives vital updates. Owners of projects on this platform cannot guarantee their stability and functionality.

The transition to M2 is due to natural reasons. Clients will save money and time in the future by migrating now. The transition process itself is not just an update. It requires the help of technical specialists. The sooner it is done, the less investment the customer will have to make in the future.

Migration to M2 will help in the following tasks:

  • take a look at the structure and capabilities of the online store;
  • review the functionality of the site;
  • remove weak points of outdated program code;
  • replace ineffective, unused shop tools.

Magento 2 will allow you to reconsider the project’s capabilities and give it the necessary impetus for further development. Updated CMS capabilities allow you to use the full potential of the client’s business.

Website optimization with Magento 2: sequence of actions

Competent project migration to M2 results from step-by-step process planning. The basic structure of the transition can be represented as follows:

  • project analysis;
  • migration planning;
  • hardware preparation;
  • installation of Magento 2 and related modules;
  • migration of plugins, extensions, and configurations;
  • development of a design concept and store functionality on a new CMS;
  • data synchronization;
  • website launch.

The M1 and M2 platforms are incompatible in many technical aspects. This is clearly visible in the example of some modules and themes. They cannot be run on the new CMS. Such objects must be updated at the program level.

It’s easier to work with stored data. Their migration is carried out based on the official utility. This software greatly simplifies the transfer of valuable information.

What does an online business gain by switching to M2?

Magento 2 aims to bring eCommerce more flexible management of your digital business. M2 opens up new opportunities for the client:

  • perfectly tuned interface;
  • full caching technology speeds up page performance;
  • more reliable code;
  • support for a variety of options for placing orders and paying for them;
  • improved site productivity: the resource begins to process more requests per unit of time;
  • improved adaptation to different devices.

The list of M2 capabilities is fully revealed after its launch. A CMS can take your business to new heights, so you must migrate your project correctly.

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