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[Survey] One-Third Of Kids Think TikTok Offers Them A Better Education Than School

According to a survey, one in three kids believe they learn more from TikTok videos than they do in school.

Despite having a minimum age requirement of 13, students as young as five are using the social networking app for support.
About 25% of respondents stated they thought TikTok creators could explain their homework better than their teachers.
Students that use the app assert that they can discover solutions to any questions they have, with a fifth believing what they hear to be true.
English, music, and math are the subjects kids are most likely to utilize TikTok for.

After executives recognized a demand for academic videos, TikTok made plans to hire hundreds of professionals to generate instructional content in 2020.

In addition to colleges and charities, famous people also provide videos, such as TV host Rachel Riley explaining algebra.

1,000 students in the UK between the ages of five and sixteen were polled by Oxford Home Schooling researchers.

The popularity of social media is well known, but Greg Smith, head of operations, noted that “our research has emphasized the scale of students utilizing the app for educational purposes.”

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