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Riding Toward Victory: Your Exclusive Belmont Stakes 2024 Preview

Are you excited for the third and final leg of the Triple Crown series? The Triple Crown, including the Belmont Stakes, is something that most horse racing fans worldwide look forward to annually.

With its rich tradition and intense excitement, it’s no wonder that Belmont Stakes, and the first and second leg, have a huge fanbase that dates back to different generations. Continue reading to learn about the 2024 Belmont Stakes and what every fan should know.

Where and When Is It?

The 2024 Belmont Stakes will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, New York. The race was moved to the Saratoga Race Course due to the ongoing construction at Belmont Park.

Due to the smaller race track, instead of the traditional 1 ½ mile, the race will be held at 1 ¼ mile, which many expect that more contenders can take a shot at winning the last leg of the Triple Crown series, which is known to be “The Test of the Champions” since it’s one of the longest Triple Crown races.

What Can I Do in Belmont Park?

There’s so much more to do than watching the horses race. Did you know that you can also wager on the horses? Many betting options are available whether you do it online or on the tracks. It also doesn’t have to cost you so much since deciding how much you wager is up to you and the Belmont Stakes Odds and payout.

In addition to these, you can also try out the official drink of the Belmont Stakes called “The Belmont Jewel,” which contains bourbon, lemonade, pomegranate juice, and orange zest. If you’re interested, be sure to try it out and be part of the tradition of Belmont Park.

There’s also a Belmont Song, a post-parade song called “Theme from New York, New York,” just like how the other two legs of the Triple Crown have their parade song. This song symbolizes the event’s rich history and traditions and is a moment that every fan looks forward to. If you want to sing along, look up the lyrics and enjoy the 2024 Belmont Stakes to the fullest.

Who Are the Belmont Stakes Contenders?

Sadly, there will be no Triple Crown winner in 2024. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a list of prospective contenders who can win the New York race’s last leg. Now we have Seize the Grey as one of the many horses with a compelling storyline expected to beat the other contenders in the upcoming Belmont Stakes.

Let’s discuss further who the most likely contenders are who would ride to victory!

  1. Seize the Grey – has D. Wayne Lukas as his trainer, and he won his seventh Preakness thanks to Seize the Gray; this is thanks to him and his jockey, Jamie Torres when they won a spot by winning the Grade 2 Pat Day Mile on Derby Day. Seize the Grey has shown exceptional speed and stamina in his previous races, making him a strong contender for the Belmont Stakes.
  2. Sierra Leone – This Kentucky Derby runner-up was just a few noses away from heading to the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, crashing the dream of winning a Triple Crown as he became the runner-up. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that Sierra Leone isn’t one of the top contenders for the Belmont Stakes, especially with Tyler Gaffalione as his jockey.
  3. Fierceness – With Todd Pletcher as his trainer and John Velazques as his jockey, Fierceness is one of the top contenders of Belmont Stakes, and there’s no denying how much of a Derby favorite he is during the past race.

How Can I Go to Belmont Park?

Do you wish to watch the game live? If so, you can get there by train from New York City. The train ride is a scenic journey and a popular choice among visitors. If you’re within the area, you can also ride an Uber or Lyft, whichever would make you the most comfortable and convenient.

However, if you live outside New York, you may have to book your tickets or go for a road trip. It’s totally up to you (and your location)!

What Should I Wear to the Belmont Stakes?

Belmont Stakes has been around since 1867, so it’s no surprise that this horse racing event comes with numerous cultures and etiquette. As such, you’ll almost always see fans wearing their best outfits for the big race. We recommend the following dress codes to ensure that you’re presentable:

  • Avoid wearing shorts or short-sleeved shirts.
  • Men are expected to wear collared shirts.
  • Avoid wearing multiple colors. We recommend sticking to one consistent color and adding a pop of color to your accessories or shoes.
  • Pick a festive hat to complete your look, as the Triple Crown is known for these.

Final Thoughts

In just a few days, the Belmont Stakes will once again watch several contenders that would win the race. Thankfully, you’ve reached the end of this page and have now equipped yourself with enough knowledge to enjoy the upcoming event on June 8!

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