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Proven Ways To Get Over Jet Lag While Traveling

Jet Lag is a common yet uncomfortable experience while traveling. With an immense feeling of tiredness, a burst of stress, and dwindling energy levels, jet lag is a dealbreaker in your travel experience. But, in reality, it does not necessarily have to be stressful. 

Incorporating the right steps and strategies can greatly enhance your travel experience while saving you and your loved ones from jet lag. It is worth noting that one can not avoid jet lag entirely. However, you can reduce its intensity and long-term impact on your overall health. 

That is why we bring you some proven ways and tips to get over jet lag while traveling for work or your excursions. 

1. Improve Your Modes of Transport

As you break through the time zones with inter-continental travel, you also imbalance the circadian clock of the body’s sleep cycle. Plus, it is influenced by several factors including, type of travel, timezones, meals, and most importantly your energy levels. 

If you have been traveling continuously without resting, then jet lag might significantly affect your overall health. Most tourists in Scotland often travel across countries through local transport just to secure the budget, which leads to potent jet lag. 

Medical professionals always recommend a smooth and comfortable travel. It is possible by hiring private transportation like a minibus hire with driver to steer clear from the hop-in hop-offs and severe impact of jet lag. 

You may not be able to rest or find passenger-friendly amenities in public transport. Meanwhile, a minibus hire service will cater to all of your travel needs while avoiding jet lag. 

Remember our goal is to reduce exhaustion and secure maximum sleep while you are on your way to the destination. This is only possible in a reliable and safe private transport like a minibus service. 

2. Hydrate Enough

Often overlooked, hydrating has always proven remarkable results in overall health. Meanwhile, traveling to a foreign country involves a risk of dehydration.

This is because traveling by plane exposes you to a dry and pressurized environment. This combined with a different landscape and climate conditions can easily disturb the overall health. 

Ensuring a hydrating habit while traveling will significantly help in balancing the electrolyte levels in your body, ultimately reducing the effect of jet lag. 

Start with small juices or water during your travel to avoid bathroom breaks. Each step will help reduce the overall fatigue of jet lag, allowing you to make the most out of your travel. 

3. Manage Sleep Schedule

It might come as a general rule for reducing the impact of jet lag, but it is certainly the most important one while traveling. Getting enough sleep is the first step to overcoming the harsh jet lag. 

Although, you might not catch up on your sleep while traveling, adjusting your body to the new timezone is highly recommended. Try to avoid small naps as those will be nowhere near enough to beat the jet lag. Plus, with naps, you will not be able to adjust your body to a good night’s sleep. 

For instance, if you reach your destination the night after a flight, you might be just right on time for your sleep schedule. The real challenge is landing in a new timezone in the morning adjusting to the exhaustion and jet lag in the night. In this case, your best bet is to keep your body awake and energized throughout the day to get a sleep in the night.

Try to get more daylight to let your body adjust to the new timezone. Avoid artificial lighting or indoors as these elements are prime inducers of jet lag. In short, let your body adjust itself to its surroundings and avoid different factors that influence fatigue. 

4. Eat Healthy And Light Meals

While it is tempting to try out all the famous delicacies of your destination, sometimes it is best to skip and opt for light meals for the stomach. You might not want to disturb your stomach, which often leads to severe jet lag. 

Medical professionals mostly recommend going light on the meals before and after travel as it helps your body avoid overworking and reduces the risk of developing fatigue. Ensure to get your meals right on time and avoid any alcohol before or after reaching your destination. 

We recommend adding different salads, eggs in the breakfast, and fluids to your diet for a quick recharge to your body. You can also try caffeine for a quick refresh and boost of energy to the mind. 

5. Take A Melatonin Supplement

If chugging down water was not enough, then taking Melatonin is your last resort to get a good sleep in a different timezone. For those uninitiated, Melatonin is a naturally released chemical by your body that controls sleep patterns. These pills are easily accessible from local stores to help visitors get over the jet lag quickly. 

While traveling, you might be exposed to significant levels of daylight, which disturbs Melatonin production. This leads to loss of sleep and eventually severe jet lag symptoms during the night. 

Taking a small dose of Melatonin can aid in a balanced sleep cycle despite the factor of different time zones. It is worth noting that Melatonin will be suitable if you are facing trouble sleeping during the night. 

Despite being an over-the-counter medication, it is highly advised to consult your physician before taking a dose. 

6. Arrive Your Destination Early

Reaching your destination early is a coping strategy for jet lag by allowing you to secure much time to get some good sleep and get ready for the next day.

Travel is always unique for everyone, as some travel for work, while some are visiting family, weddings, or vacations. Jet lag can severely disturb your plans with deteriorating energy levels and stress. 

Remember, travel plans are prone to jet lags, but you can easily counter it by reaching your destination early and utilizing all the time to adjust your body to the new timezone. 

Final Words

Jet lag can have a toll on your overall health and experience of travel. Not being able to sleep, while coping with a stomach disorder and fatigue can be one of the worst things to experience. But with just the small steps and hacking your body can greatly help in recovering the lost sleep and energy. 

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