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Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Videos for 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Advertisers thinking of excluding Facebook ad video from their social media campaign seriously need to revisit their strategies, for this platform remains a major source of revenues with over 2 billion active users every day. In 2024, statistics reveal that over 90% of organizations worldwide maintain an active presence on Facebook, while around 89% marketers globally rely on Facebook ad video specs to generate revenues.

Meta has embraced a wealth of innovations to elevate Facebook advertising, curating a data-driven process with tools and templates to create the best video ads. However, innovations often accompany complexities, and most advertisers wonder how to create Facebook ad video and get high ROIs.

Our detailed step-by-step guide will help you learn how to optimize your Facebook ad video and achieve your advertising goals effectively.

Why Spend on a Facebook Ad Video?

Did you know that over 85% of marketers take advantage of Facebook ad video to capture user attention and generate high quality leads? That’s right, and Facebook’s popularity as a video marketing platform stems from its 2 billion monthly users who devour video content on the platform.

Advertisers create Facebook ad video and images to generate brand awareness, expand their target audience and boost conversions, encouraging users to visit their websites and shop their products. Interestingly, a Facebook ad video is much more effective at showcasing brand identity, products or services than image-based ads.

If you intend to capture your audience with moving elements, detailed tutorials or product demonstrations, a Facebook ad video is the ideal choice. Most advertisers wonder, how long should a Facebook ad be, and timing truly matters. Facebook ad video specs allow advertisers to generate 240-minute-long clips but the best video ads are typically shorter than 15 seconds.

When it comes to capturing attention and compelling action with a Facebook ad video, it’s best to keep the clip short and compelling.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a Facebook Ad Video & Optimize it for Conversions?

The best video ads on Facebook are short, simple and interactive, simplifying the customer journey with clear and concise CTAs that capture attention and lead to conversions. Creating a Facebook ad video demands a concrete vision of who you’re targeting, why you’re targeting them, and the intended results you aim to achieve.

Our detailed step-by-step guide will help you understand how to make a Facebook ad video and make the most of Facebook ad video specs to maximize conversions.

Step #1: Set up Facebook Ads Manager

If you want to run a Facebook ad video campaign, the first step is to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. For that, you must create a business page on Facebook for your brand. Advertisers cannot run a Facebook ad video from their personal profiles – a Facebook business page is a must-have.

Once you’ve created a Facebook business page, here’s what you need to do:

  •         Go to Ads Manager
  •         Review the information you add and confirm changes.
  •         Select your preferred payment option and add all information.
  •         Review your selections and save changes.

Now that your Facebook Ads Manager is ready to use, you can set up your first Facebook ad video and learn how to create Facebook ad video that resonates with your brand identity.

Step #2: Create Facebook Ad Video

Using the Facebook Ads Manager is incredibly easier and advertisers can play around with a wealth of Facebook ad video specs. Advertisers will have a dashboard that offers data-driven analytics to monitor the performance of their Facebook ad video campaign. When you set up the profile, your dashboard will be empty.

To create Facebook ad video, click on Create and select the exact type of ad campaign you want to run. Then, you will learn how to make a Facebook ad video and optimize your campaign for higher ROIs. If you’re wondering how to make a Facebook ad video, you can explore multiple options. You can experiment with the Facebook ad video format through the Ads Manager, use a video making app or a professional video editing software like Adobe.

The best video ads have immersive visuals and interactive Facebook ad video specs that discourage users from scrolling down.

Here are some tips to create the best Facebook ad video:

  •         Make sure the footage you’re using is high-resolution without any distortions or pixilation issues.
  •         Explore Facebook ad video format and resolution suggestions to make improvements.
  •         Add some text that’s simple and easy to read.
  •         Create a color scheme that doesn’t impair readability to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Clients often approach us to inquire how long should a Facebook video ad be, and we strongly urge them to follow the 15-second rule. It’s pertinent to keep in mind that social media users have an 8-second attention span, and making a longer Facebook ad video will only lead to low ROIs and frustration.

Step #3: Define your Campaign Objective

When you create Facebook ad video in the Ads Manager dashboard, you will find a wealth of intuitive tools at your disposal, allowing you to define your campaign objective. It offers a vast array of advertising tools to help advertisers narrow down their purpose and objective.

The dashboard will invite you to select your objective from an auto-filled list of 11 default objectives, including boosting engagement, raising awareness, or leading users to your website. Suppose you want to create a Facebook ad video to drive traffic to your ecommerce store. In that case, you need to select Store Traffic and enter the URL to your website.

Step #4: Budgeting and Scheduling

Budgeting and scheduling is an important step when you create Facebook ad video as it allows you to tailor your spending and interact with your audience at a specific time. Budgeting is fairly simple but it’s crucial to differentiate between a daily and lifetime budget.

A daily budget allows you to run your Facebook ad video throughout the day, with a minimum budget of $1. In contrast, a lifetime budget will run the Facebook ad video campaign for a customized time slot, as per your needs. With both options, Facebook will provide data-driven insights to track spending and user engagement.

Scheduling will help you determine the start and end times and dates so you can engage with your target audience when they usually spend time on Facebook. It’s pertinent to conduct thorough research on budgeting and scheduling as it will help you optimize your Facebook ad video and boost ROIs while minimizing spending.

Step #5: Define your Target Audience

Do you want to target a specific gender, like women for a clothing store? Or perhaps, you want to spread awareness across potential clients residing in a specific neighborhood? A Facebook ad video is an ideal advertising medium for highly targeted campaigns as Meta offers a plethora of built-in targeting options to define your audience.

You can define your target audience on the basis of demographics, location, education, income, and even relationship status.

Step #6: Create your Facebook Ad

Once you’ve defined your objective, target audience, budget and schedule, it’s time to upload the Facebook ad video you’ve created and generate your ad campaign. You need to select the ideal Facebook ad video format that aligns with all popular devices, including iPhones, tablets and Android smartphones.

It’s wise to reflect on your core objectives and target audience as you finalize the Facebook ad video format and create Facebook ad video.

Step #7: Monitor Performance of your Facebook Ad Video

Facebook offers analytical tools to track each and every aspect of user engagement, from performance and engagement, to Facebook ad video views, conversions, and CTRs. For further information on how to monitor performance of your Facebook ad video, feel free to explore our detailed guide that will help you navigate data-driven insights.

Final Thoughts

At GCG Media, we strongly urge advertisers to experiment with Facebook ad video formats and templates and take advantage of the cutting-edge advertising tools Meta offers to maximize conversions and revenues. Facebook is a lucrative and promising advertising platform, and if you’ve excluded it from your social media strategy, you’ve made a massive mistake.

Feel free to get in touch with our social media advertising specialists for actionable insights on how to grow your online business through Facebook advertising. 

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