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Oktoberfest Poster For 2024 Has Been Decided

The wait is over! Munich has unveiled the official poster for its beloved 2024 Oktoberfest, a vibrant creation by local designer Annika Mittelmeier. Her design, featuring the iconic Munich Kindl raising a stein amidst classic Oktoberfest imagery, captured the hearts of both the jury and the public, receiving overwhelming praise for its warmth and festive spirit.

Mittelmeier’s winning design isn’t just a poster; it’s an invitation to celebration. From the playful grin of the Munich Kindl to the joyful colors and iconic elements like pretzels and amusement park rides, the poster perfectly embodies the unique feeling of wandering through the lively Oktoberfest grounds. No wonder it resonated so profoundly with the esteemed jury and the public, taking first place in the jury selection and the online fan vote.

Second place goes to Sarah Schuhmann from Würzburg, whose colorful and striking design combines various Oktoberfest elements in a modern and eye-catching way. Her design celebrates the festival’s energy and diversity by combining beer mugs, German dirndl dress, authentic lederhosen, and even a Ferris wheel.

Rounding out the top three is Reinhold Singer’s dynamic and precise design, featuring classic Bavarian elements like pretzels and sausages arranged around the bold “Oktoberfest Munich” lettering. His unique perspective showcases the festival’s vibrant atmosphere and rich traditions.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! For the first time, the winning motif will be transformed into an interactive photo wall at the festival grounds. Picture yourself peering through a peephole and emerging as the Munich Kindl, ready to join the fun! This innovative twist adds a new dimension to the traditional poster and promises unforgettable photo opportunities for festivalgoers.

“The winning motif embodies the tradition and modernity of the Oktoberfest, radiates unconditional joy of life, and is at the same time an invitation to the whole world to celebrate Oktoberfest with us in Munich,” said Economics speaker Clemens Baumgärtner, chairman of the jury.

Beyond the interactive fun, the poster itself exudes the spirit of inclusivity. As Munich Oktoberfest city councilor Anja Berger notes, “The Munich child who joyfully spreads his arms in the winning design conveys the message that everyone is welcome at Oktoberfest.”

This year’s competition saw an impressive 120 designs submitted, with 60 making it to the public vote and over 8,000 fans participating. While the competition may be over, the excitement for Oktoberfest is just beginning! With an official poster that perfectly embodies the festival’s spirit, the countdown to September 21st officially begins. So, raise a glass to Annika Mittelmeier and her winning design, and prepare for a beer celebration filled with tradition, joy, and plenty of steins clinking in merriment!

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