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NCT Yang Yang Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Yang Yang

Yangyang is a well-known Taiwanese rapper, musician, singer, dancer, performer, model, and member of WayV, a Chinese boy band that is the fourth overall sub-unit of the South Korean boy band NCT. WayV has published a number of singles, EPs, and albums, including Awaken the World, Take Off, Kick Back, The Vision, Take Over the Moon, Phantom, Regular (), Turn Back Time, Love Talk, and Moonwalk.


BIRTH NAME: Liu YangYang

BIRTH DATE: October 10, 2000


HEIGHT: 5’9″

Early Life And Career

YangYang was born in Taiwan, but he spent the majority of his early years in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Then, in February 2016, he returned to Taiwan to participate in the SM Global Audition. This Libra man succeeded in passing the test and joined the business in June.

After around two years of preparation, YangYang joined the SM Rookies idol trainee program in September 2018.

He was scheduled to join the new group WayV by December of the same year. The group is an NCT subsidiary with a basis in China.

In January 2019, the idol made his on-screen debut with WayV. They released the song “The Vision” as a digital single.

The title track was taken from NCT’s Regular in Chinese. The digital single’s three songs all entered the top 10 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart.

By the time of NCT 2000, YangYang had formally joined the organization. To promote Misfit from the album RESONANCE Pt. 1, he joined the group.

Yang Yang Quick Facts

They share a bunk bed, with Xiaojun sleeping on the second deck and him on the first.
Puss in Boots from “Shrek” is his favorite fictional character.
YangYang and Xiaojun both complain about how annoying Xiaojun’s PC is because it is so huge.
Düsseldorf is his preferred city.
Rose is his favorite plant.
He desires the names YangYang or Xiao Yang (Little Sheep).
He is German-Taiwanese.
He formerly resided in Germany.
His preferred number is zero.
5 Red is his preferred shade.
He frequently plays with his hair.
Bass is his favorite sound.
He likes the word “mellifluous” very much. It refers to a sound that is “(of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.”
Because his parents liked them, MAYDAY is his favorite band.
Ice cream is one of his favorite foods.
He loved go-karting as a child and was inspired by the legendary German racer Michael Schumacher to pursue a career in racing.
He was introduced as an S.M. Rookie on July 17, 2018.
He engages in online gaming with Xiaojun.
His name “YangYang” was mistakenly considered to be a nickname, thus he doesn’t have one. His first memory dates back to when he was 3–4 years old. “My parents and I went to a beach and had a barbecue when I was about 3 or 4 years old.”

Yang Yang Girlfriend

As of July 17, 2023, Yang Yang from NCT doesn’t have a girlfriend. There have never been any reports of him dating anyone recently, and he has never publicly confirmed any relationships.

He has stated that he is not interested in dating at the moment because he is currently highly committed to his job.

A few years ago, a fanfiction story about Yang Yang having a 4-hour girlfriend went popular.

Yang Yang Net worth 2024

Yang Yang’s net worth is anticipated to be $10 million. He makes money through his acting, singing, and sponsorship partnerships.

He is a part of the K-pop boy band NCT, which has produced a number of albums. Additionally, he has acted in a number of movies and television plays, such as “Love O2O” and “Goblin”. Yang Yang is a well-known brand spokesperson for a number of companies, including Chanel, Gucci, and Prada.

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