NCT Taeil Profile, Age, Parents, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

K-POPNCT Taeil Profile, Age, Parents, Real Name, Background, Net...

About Taeil

Moon Tae Il is a member of the SM Entertainment-affiliated South Korean boy band NCT. He is the group’s primary vocalist for the sub-units NCT U and NCT 127.

Taeil is the oldest member of the group because he was born on June 14th, 1994. Taeil is recognized not just for his singing, but also for his dancing and guitar playing skills.



BIRTH DATE: Jun 14, 1994

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’8″


Early Life And Career

On June 14, 1994, Taeil was born in Seoul, South Korea. His sibling is younger. He got admitted to Hanyang University’s Applied Music program in Gyeonggi; in 2013, this program was regarded as the most competitive early admissions program in the nation, surpassing law and medicine at other esteemed institutions.

He ultimately made the choice to focus on music instead.
Talent scouts from SM Entertainment met Taeil at the 2013 Youth Singing Contest. He started his training to become a vocalist after being recruited to the label. On October 13, 2015, he was formally unveiled as a member of the SM Rookies.

With the release of the single “Without You” on April 9, 2016, Taeil made his NCT U debut. On July 7, 2016, the mini-album NCT #127 marked his official debut as a member of NCT 127.

Taeil is renowned for his strong vocals and his versatility as a performer across several genres. He is also renowned for having a kind and modest nature. He is a beloved member of NCT who fans like for both his talent and his good nature.

Taeil Quick Facts

Taeil rarely engages in skinship, but he frequently engages in it with Winwin.
He despises maintaining a neutral expression.
He looks up to his mother the most.
Taeil despises bugs to the core.
SHINee is the group he admires the most.
Because Doyoung has powerful legs, he would want to swap bodies with him for a day.
He stated that he plans to be married when he turns 34.
His favorite time of year is spring.
His preferred color is black.
His preferred musician is Trey Songz.
His favorite song is “Mama” by Bobby Kim.
He plays music when he has trouble falling asleep.
His interests include viewing movies and listening to music.
He has baby skin (8-14).
He typically goes to bed at that time.
He detests experiencing muscle pain.
Yellow-green is the hue that Taeil finds relaxing.
Kim Bum Soo and Shinee are two of his favorite musicians.
He doesn’t eat sushi and doesn’t like vegetables.
He enjoys eating meat, ice cream, pizza, chicken, and pork belly.

Taeil Parents / Family

The identities of Taeil’s parents have not been made public. They are not referenced on his Wikipedia page or in any other online sources, and he has never brought them up in interviews or on social media. It’s possible that he would rather keep his private affairs private, or that his parents would wish to remain anonymous.

Taeil does, however, have a younger sister, as is known. Her name is Moon Chaeyoung, and she is a year younger than he is. At the Dong-ah Institute of Media and Art, she is a student.

Taeil Net worth 2024

As of 2024, Taeil’s net worth is anticipated to range between $1 million and $5 million. Based on his income from his musical endeavors, endorsements, and other pursuits.

Taeil is a member of the NCT boy band from South Korea, as well as NCT 127 and NCT U. With NCT, he has published a number of albums and singles. He has also acted in a number of variety shows.

Taeil has also participated in a number of endorsement agreements, including those with companies like Puma and Lotte Duty Free.

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