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Most Advanced And Trendy Men Haircuts

Your haircut style talks more about your personality and what you do. Different mens haircuts match certain accessions.

A haircut style for a job interview might be different from a haircut for a first date and thus exploring different haircut styles allows you to choose a style that aligns with your specific occasion, personality, and preference. Before deciding on your style, learn about mens haircuts 2024.

The Buzz Cut Style 

If you are looking for a clean and at the time low-maintenance style, the buzz cut is a good choice for you. This style reset your style by shaving all your hair extremely short and allowing it to grow again.

However, although the buzz cut style looks easy to do, it is important to consider services from a professional barber to have your done. If you want to maintain a buzz-cut style, it is recommended to visit your barber regularly, after 1-2 weeks to have your hair trimmed so that it can look nice and even.

You Consider The Clean Grow-Out Style 

This style involves letting all your hair grow out but at the same time keeping it clean and nice. This style was very common during the lockdown period as people were locked inside their apartments and had limited access to their barbers.

Clean grow-out allows the hair to grow out without having to trim the sides. If you let all your hair grow out, you might be surprised how nice you can look.

Line Up Style 

The line-up style is close to buzz cut in terms of hair length. They both involve a short clean cut allowing the hair to grow back.

Line-up style is often regarded as a traditional haircut but finds its way to being among the best mens haircuts 2024. If your hair is short, line-up style is the best choice for your haircut.

Barbers place more emphasis on the hairline to make the line-up style noticeable and neat. Since the hair is short, with a clear cut of the hairline, one can hardly notice the lineup style.

To style your line-up haircut, use a boar bristle brush to lay your hair close and neatly to the shape of the head. Apply a shiny pomade to add a nice finish to your style.

Messy Pomp And Messy Crop 

These are two almost similar styles that one can choose from. Messy pomp is a great choice of style for men with medium-sized fine hair and rounder or square faces.

Messy pomp is not suited for men with oblong shapes as it may make their faces appear elongated. Also, it is advisable if you choose messy pomp, ask your barber to maintain a long hair length on the front and taper the back and sides to appear shorter.

Just like messy pomp, messy crop features longer textured hair on the front while maintaining short tapered sides and back. It is also best suited for square faces.

High Top Dreads

High-top dreads is a medium to long haircut for men that was pioneered by artists such as Basquiat. It features a fusion of clean shave on the side and creative flair of dreads on the top.

If you decide to go for this style, ask the stylist to keep longer dreads at the top and a tight fade on the back and sides. To keep the style fresh and clean, regular washing and retouching of the dreads every two to three weeks is important.

This also allows the stylist to maintain the fade on the back and sides by trimming the hair that has already started growing.

The Edgar Style 

The Edgar haircut is one of the extremely popular haircuts for men. However, it is one of the most difficult styles to visualize and thus it requires extreme focus by the stylish to pull off a classic Edgar haircut.

There are many types of modern haircuts for men to choose from. The ones discussed above are among the many popular mens haircuts 2024.

Therefore, if you are stuck deciding which haircut to go for, it is important to explore different styles to assess whether they match your face shape, type and length of hair, personality and preference.

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