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MONSTA X Joohoney Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Joohoney

Lee Joo Heon, better known by his stage name Joohoney (born October 6, 1994), is a South Korean singer and the lead rapper of the K-pop group Monsta X, which is managed by Starship Entertainment. On May 14, 2015, at the age of 20, he made his professional debut with Monsta X.


BIRTH NAME: Lee Joo-Heon

BIRTH DATE: October 6, 1994

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’10.5″


Early Life And Career

Following that, the rapper debuted on the survival reality series No Mercy in December 2014. He appeared to be one of the victors at the show’s conclusion.

Even the announcement of Joohoney joining the new group Monsta X came first.

In May 2015, he made his debut with the group. They issued the EP “Trespass.” On the Gaon Album Chart, it reached position 5.

He also has a number of individual endeavors, the man from Seoul. In 2017, he made available the song and music video for his debut solo effort, Rhythm.

Joohoney’s first solo mixtape, DWTD, was released a year later. He also released music videos for the songs Should I Do and Red Carpet from this mixtape.

This K-pop sensation released Psyche in October 2020 following the success of his debut mixtape.

The pre-release single Intro: Ambition is one of its seven songs. A music video for the song Smoky was also made available with the mixtape.

Joohoney Quick Facts

Despite being born in Seoul, Joohoney spent his formative years in Daegu.
Michael Jackson is someone he admires.
In comparison to the other trainees, he is regarded as the best rapper.
San E, Hyorin, and the man from Seoul have come together to release a single.
He participates in the creation and writing of music.
He also wishes to participate in the production of music videos and album covers.
Joohoney was featured on MadClown’s single back when he was a trainee.
He can converse in English in addition to Korean.
Instead of cologne, he uses pleasant baby powder that he has carefully blended.
One who doesn’t really get foul humor or jokes is a male born in 1994.
He has a hat-related obsession.
He doesn’t consider getting double eyelid surgery.
In front of a lady, Joohoney comes seem as aloof but is actually quite compassionate.
Yoshi and Gucci are the names of his kitties. The cats are tabby grey.
He is good friends with the rapper GUN, Chanyeol from EXO, Jackson from GOT7, and Tem from 4TEN.
In the Safari section of Monbebe World, a bee stands in for him.
This K-pop celebrity enjoys eating tteokbokki and other foods with swag.
Shownu and Hyungwon are his housemates.
He always has an external battery with him.
He wants to travel with the other Monsta X members.
In photo shootings, this rapper believes Shownu to be the finest.
If he were a dish, he’d be a dumpling.

Joohoney Girlfriend

As of July 2023, Joohoney from Monsta X has no girlfriend. He has never confirmed or denied being in a relationship, and there have been no rumors or speculations of his dating anyone. He is highly secretive about his personal life, therefore it is possible that he would wait to make his dating life public before revealing it.

According to Joohoney, his ideal type is sexy but bulky in the aegyo. He also finds it appealing when someone has the same swag as him. Joohoney likes to create things with girls, therefore those who enjoy music and art might have a chance with him. He also wants a girl who will hang out with him at home for days on end. But make sure you still have the enthusiasm for enjoyable activities to match Joohoney’s erratic spurts!

Joohoney Net worth 2024

Between $1 million and $5 million is predicted to make up Jooheon’s net worth in 2024. He makes most of his money from his work as a rapper and singer for the K-pop group Monsta X. Along with working with other musicians, he has also released solo songs. He has also made appearances in a number of movies and TV shows.

Sales of the artist’s albums: Monsta X has put out seven studio albums, all of which have achieved economic success. “No Limit,” their most recent album, was released in 2022 and achieved over 500,000 copies sold in South Korea.

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