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About I.M

I.M, also known as Im Chang-kyun, is the lead rapper and maknae of Monsta X. After leaving Starship Entertainment on November 15, 2022, I.M inked an exclusive contract with Sony Music Korea.

He is the youngest member of the group and was born Im Chang-kyun on January 26, 1996.


BIRTH NAME: Im Chang-kyun

BIRTH DATE: January 26,1996

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’9″


Early Life And Career

Then, in December 2014, this rapper joined the survival reality series No Mercy.

He didn’t appear on the show until the eighth episode, which was a late addition. The other trainees did not like how he looked.

I.M ended up being one of the winners in spite of all of that. He joined the other six candidates to form Monsta X.

The group released their first EP, Trespass, in May 2015. On the Gaon Album Chart, it reached its highest point at position five.

I.M has worked on a number of solo projects in addition to being a member of Monsta X. He released his debut mixtape, Who Am I?, in 2016.

Then, this Aquarius man released two more mixtapes, Horizon and Need to Know, both of which included the American musician ELHAE.

I.M released his debut EP Duality in February 2021 following the success of his mixtapes.

I.M Quick Facts

Like Jooheon, he always offers prayers before meals.
He speaks English with ease. He is MONSTA X’s member with the best English.
He had originally intended to go into science and teaching.
He spent three years in Boston and four in Israel. He dislikes spicy cuisine.
He still adores traveling, and his preferred location is Osaka, Japan.
Daniel is his English name, although he also went by the moniker Dany while he was in Boston.
His father serves as an example for him.
He is the person in the dorm who is the quietest.
In No. Mercy – Mission 4, I.M. teamed up with other trainees in 9-10. (The other members weren’t too pleased with this decision when he was unveiled as a new trainee.)
He doesn’t spend much time inside and would rather be outside. He argued that the contestants on Weekly Idol spend far too much time inside.
Because of his father’s job as a scientist, which required him to traverse the globe, he spent a lot of his childhood living overseas.
The idiom “Do what you love and love what you do” is one of his favorites in English.
White is his favorite color.
With Kihyun, he enjoys playing games.
Wonho gave him the moniker “Kookang,” which means “puppy,” as one of his nicknames.
He spent portion of his first income on his parents and gave the church 10% of it.
He is unsure if he has any fears.
He was the sixth trainee to be officially declared as a member of MONSTA X (after the survival TV program “No Mercy”).
I.M. enjoys candles and the “mood” they create. I.M. was allegedly caught by Hyungwon peering intently into a candle’s flame.

I.M Tattoo

On his back, there is a big tattoo of what appears to be a columbine blossom.
Monsta X I.M. back tattooopens a fresh window
Monsta X I.M. back tattoos
His left shoulder has the phrase “The best is yet to come.”
Shoulder tattoo that reads “I.M. Monsta X”
The shoulder tattoo reads: I.M.
His wrist has a tiny tattoo of the Chinese symbol for “heart.”
wrist tattoo of the I.M. monsta x
The wrist tattoo reads: I.M.
His latest tattoo is a conventional black and white flower design on his left forearm. It is also thought to be a columbine blossom.
Arm tattoo of I.M. Monsta X opens in a new window
Forearm tattoo of I.M. Monsta X
Fans have conjectured that I.M’s tattoos may symbolize significant aspects of his life, including his music career, family, or personal views, however the significance of his tattoos is unknown to the general public.

I.M Net worth 2024

I.M is a South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter whose real name is Lee Minhyuk. He is a part of Monsta X, a K-pop boy band. His predicted net worth in July 2024 will be about $1 million.

I.M earns money via his music career, endorsement deals, and public appearances, among other things. Duality and One of a Kind, his two successful solo albums, have both been released. Additionally, he has made appearances in a number of films and TV shows. I.M. is a well-known brand ambassador for several companies, including Converse, Penshoppe, and Sprite.

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