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Mau binh online hunts huge prizes with simple select rules

Mau binh online is one of the hottest entertaining card games today. With simple gameplay and a little luck, anyone can earn a generous reward. So how to play Mau binh to ensure the above chances of winning big Win 55 Did you know?

Some details about the online Mau binh game causing online game portal fever

Mau binh is a familiar entertaining card game in both professional game portals and online game portal halls. The game has quite a high risk factor but is very attractive because of the drama in the results of each bet. In particular, this is also an opportunity for people to earn real money every day with a reward value that is not small.

Online Mau binh has 3 possible outcomes: dealer wins, homewith win or both sides draw. You just need to predict which door will win, then bet on it and wait for the result. If the prediction is correct, the system will automatically add the bonus to your account.

Complete instructions on how to play Mau binh online

Playing Mau binh online is very simple, you just need to understand the scoring and winning and losing rules of the game. As follows:

Determine the scores of the cards

The scores of the cards are determined as follows:

  • Card 10s and human-shaped cards are counted as 0 points.
  • Card A is worth 1 point.
  • Pieces from 2 – 9: Have scores corresponding to their own value.

How to calculate wins and losses in online Mau binh

If the total score of the cards you own is 2 numbers, when calculating the score, the tens number will be omitted and only the units number will be used to calculate. For example, if your 2 cards have a total score of 13, then only take number 3 to compare the score with the dealer. The side with a score equal to 9 or closest to 9 points wins.

Simple tips to play Mau binh and win big

According to good players, to win big when playing Mau binh at casino Win55 Then you need to remember some of the following tips:

  • Want to win the gameMau binh online You must clearly understand the rules of the game before participating in battle.
  • Calculate and think logically to make decisions to draw more cards or stop playing so point.
  • Play Mau binh with a relaxed spirit, win without pride, lose without bitterness, and know when to stop.
  • Take select seriously, concentrate highly when select instead of playing emotionally.
  • Do not bet on breaking or folding without clearly understanding the winning and losing rules of the game.

How to participate in online Mau binh select at Win55

One of the prestigious and number 1 online entertainment addresses in Asia today that you can safely participate in isWin55. This is a game portal brand that has many years of prestige in the field of prize-winning entertainment and is fully licensed by the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation. How to create a select account on this platform is very simple as follows:

  • Step 1: Players click on the link to the house’s homepage here, then click the “Register” button and provide all required information.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account to get select capital and receive great incentives the house offers exclusively for rookies.
  • Step 3: Go to the game portal lobby and choose the Mau binh game to experience.

NThe content of the article has shared with everyone full information about how to play Mau binh online and effective select experiences. You can access the websiteWin55 right now to test your skills with the player community and hunt for the rewards you want.

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