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Many Younger Individuals Avoid Running Because Of Self-Consciousness, A Survey Reveals

According to study conducted for the charity of the year for the TCS London Marathon, younger individuals are more prone to allow concerns about performance or appearance discourage them from running.
In a survey of more than 2,000 British citizens for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, 37% of those aged 18 to 24 reported that feeling self-conscious would prevent them from going for a run.

Less than one in ten people (7%) who were 55 years of age or older, however, stated it would prevent them from running.
Overall analysis across all age groups showed that age-related decreases in self-consciousness regarding running.

Just 7% of respondents believed runners needed to go swiftly, while 78% said pace was immaterial to describing oneself as a runner.

No matter their skill level or pace, according to GOSH Charity marathon coach Phil Roberton, anyone can find delight in running.

Exercise has always been considered a high-performance activity, only appropriate for people who exhibit a particular appearance and behavior, he claimed.
“But it’s so encouraging to see the increase in individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes taking up sports like running – not just for the physical benefits, but also the mental benefits,” the speaker continued.

Prior to the 2023 TCS London Marathon on April 23, the research also highlighted what drives people to run.

Most runners questioned (49%) admitted to listening to music, with the 1990s songs being the most popular decade (36%). Despite having been born after the 1980s tracks’ initial releases, 25% of runners aged 18 to 24 chose 1980s music instead.
Emma Bunton, who rose to fame in the mid-1990s with the Spice Girls, is an ambassador for the GOSH Charity. She said: “The ’90s were a golden era for music and I enjoyed every second. It’s incredible how much runners still adore the 1990s thirty years later.

“I’m happy to support the GOSH Charity and I’ve personally witnessed the enormous difference that donations from all over the UK make to very sick children and their families.”

We are “glad to have a diverse crew from varied backgrounds and skills joining us at the start line,” said Liz Tait, director of fundraising at GOSH Charity.
Some are preparing to run for the first time, while some are regulars at the running track, she continued. Nonetheless, they are all motivated by the desire to significantly improve the lives of very ill children.

to aid the Run it campaign of the GOSH Charity. Visit gosh.org/tcs-london-marathon-2023 for the Beat It! campaign.

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