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List of the Safest Regions to Live in the U.S. 2024

Today, more than ever, stability and safety matters are of primary public concern to a large segment of the population. The real estate industry is revealing a trend in the tendency of ordinary Americans to choose quiet and safe places to live, where family life will have the most suitable space. Trends in home relocations, that Elatemoving.com has been researching, show us how much the preferred destinations and locations are changing. The top 5 Best and Safest Cities to Live in the United States are not leading the way for metropolitan cities and popular resorts but for smaller cities with low crime rates and strong infrastructure.

1 Place: Naperville is the Perfect Family Hometown

A bright, quiet, and incredibly cozy town in the state of Illinois near Chicago. About 150,000 residents live here, and the crime rate is more than 60% lower than the national level. Naperville attracts people looking for the best place to move due to the harmonious growth of all spheres of life. You won’t have to compromise on anything here, because every sphere is thriving. Economic development, medical system, educational institutions, transportation infrastructure, and cultural life of the region. The residents and municipal authorities of this city together create a pleasant and safe space to live, work, create, raise children, and live simple happy days.

2 Place: Sunny Port St. Lucie on the Beach

Florida’s beautiful coastal Port St. Lucie isn’t exactly small, being one of the Top 10 largest cities in the state. But this does not prevent it from being one of the first places in terms of safety. This city, which today has a population of just over 200 thousand residents is ideal for moving young families who are used to combining an active life with a quiet everyday routine. The quality of life for all residents of Port St. Lucie is high enough to create a stable community that can work together with the city government to create a comfortable and prosperous place to live.

3 Place: Multinational Cary in North Carolina

A unique safe space made by people for people. The quiet small town of Cary is located just outside of Raleigh. Thanks to a successful social program and the active cooperation of residents in building not only a convenient infrastructure but also a favorable atmosphere, the city has already many times topped the rankings of the best cities and places with a high level of safety. In this case, the national variety and openness to experimentation have made this place an attractive area to live in, open and rich both socially and culturally. Anyone who wants to move to this part of North Carolina will be happy with a lot of green areas, parks, and places for recreation. At the same time, the price of housing here is quite moderate and affordable for the middle American family.

4 Place: Friendly Frisco in North Texas

Among the advantages of this small city near Dallas is not only one of the highest safety records. Frisco has been called one of the most sporty and healthy cities in the United States. With a low cost of living and a large number of quality jobs, everyone who moves here gets a chance to live in a peaceful and ecologically clean region surrounded by incredible nature. The continued steady development of all areas of Frisco’s social life becomes a good foundation for making the city as attractive as possible for young people and families to live in.


5 Place: Green Tree City of Thousand Oaks

One of the few cities in California that boasts some of the lowest crime rates in the country. In addition, Thousand Oaks has a large free natural space for recreation and walking, thanks to which it has been named a Tree City. The town regularly hosts large-scale sporting events such as marathons and bicycle races, which significantly improves its economic and social climate. Despite the low population, it is quite an active and progressive space to live in. Moving to Thousand Oaks will undoubtedly improve the quality of life for those who are looking for their full potential in a safe and progressive atmosphere.

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