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Learn About The Different Taper Fade For Men

One of the main complaints from men relates to the style of the haircut of the design itself. Men often go for styles that are easy and stylish, like the taper fade.

However, the choice of haircut style is influenced by a number of factors such as hair type, head size, hairline, facial features, and jawline line. Learn more about taper fade hot right now.

1. Low Fade

This is one of the most popular taper fade styles that men should consider. It is an easy and less complicated style that men can decide to wear on their heads.

The low-fade style can be used for different occasions. For example, college students and corporate men can have the law faded haircut.

It requires simple effort and maintenance, making it the ideal haircut style for many men. Features that describe low fade include a slow transition, versatility, longer hair on the slide, and a low fade point.

2. Consider Having A High Fade Haircut Style 

High fade style is the opposite of low fade haircut style. High tapered fade begins approximately two inches from the hairline and torches down on the sides and the back. High tapered fade has a more well-defined silhouette and is a perfect haircut style for men who want to have a bold look.

If you have a dark-colored high, a high-tapered fade allows you to demonstrate great contrast. In addition, a high-tapered fade is not largely recommended for more conservative workplaces.

High tapered fade is among the most tapered fade style interpretations. The main features of this haircut include a high fade point, regular maintenance, and a well-defined line.

A high fade haircut is less advisable for men working in more conservative workplaces, as it is regarded as less professional and official.

3. Afro Taper 

Afro taper is not applicable to all hair types and head shapes. It is applicable to curly, kinky, and coil-like hair textures and helps highlight one’s facial structure.

For people with great cheekbones, an afro taper haircut allows them to show them off. The main features of this style include tightly curled hair, length hair on top, and different fade styles.

Afro fade gives men a more unofficial look, and hence it is more applicable to workplaces that are not strict about one’s hairstyle.

4. Taper Fade Curly Hair 

This haircut style works best for people with wild curly locks. It is perfect for curly hair as it removes some of the weight while maintaining volume on top.

A tapered fade curly style is often recommended to people with fairly tight curls because it allows for a significant contrast between long and short hair sections.

Also, the tapered fade style will allow you to weave the hair on the top of your head. It is recommended that you keep your curls wavy and loose.

However, tapered fade curly hair is not perceived to be practical for conservative workplaces as it appears to be more casual and informal. Always consult your barber for the most favorable taper fade based on your hair type and head shape.

5. Burst Taper Haircut Style 

This is the most extreme type of taper haircut. Burst taper is different from other types of fade haircuts because of its dramatic and unique features.

Burst taper encompasses tapering the hairline behind the ear and leaving the hair at the back of the head longer, creating a burst effect. Key features of burst fade include burst effect and regular maintenance or upkeep.

The burst effect implies cutting the hair around the neck and ears short to create the burst effect. Regular maintenance or upkeep implies taking care of the hair regularly to ensure that it is in good shape.

Also, different parts of hair on your head may grow at different speeds implying that some parts may require trimming ahead of others. Also, as a result, one is forced to go back to the barbershop to have the nonuniform hair trimmed.

Overall, tapered faders are largely influenced by several factors, including the type of hair and the burst effect. Therefore, the choice of tapered fade style will be influenced by several factors, including the size and texture of the hair.

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