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Introduction to Football Over/Under select in detail at Hi88

Playing soccer over/under is a hobby of many players in the market up to now. This is a very popular type of bet among soccer bettors. If you do not know the information related to football over/under select, you must pay attention to the details. Hi88 provided in this article.

Football over/under select is popular today

Football over/under odds There are many types of select such as: over/under goals, over/under corner kicks, over/under penalty cards. The dealer will give the score and the player will predict a higher or lower result.

This is inherently not a very special type of bet, making it difficult for you to choose. To illustrate this statement, we offer a few popular types of soccer over/under bets as follows:

Over/under goals

Over/under goals are a typical bet when people talk about soccer over/under bets. The reason is that this is the first type of over/under bet to be introduced before game portal create other types of bets. With the over/under goal bet, players will need to predict the range of goals that the two teams will score in the match. If 2 teams score more goals than the number given by the house, choose over or under and vice versa if 2 teams score less.

Over/under goals are often divided into two types: over/under goals in the first half and over/under goals in the entire match. The first half over/under will only be valid for the first half, while the whole match over/under will count the total number of goals scored in the entire match. Usually over/under the whole match is preferred to play more due to the higher probability of accurate prediction.

Over/under corner kick

Over/under corner kicks are the second most popular type of over/under bet after over/under goals. Playing on corner kicks has the same odds as select on over/under goals. However, with over/under corner kicks, players need to judge the game more.

Similar to over/under for the whole match, over/under for corner kicks is also divided into the first half and the whole match. Players who play over or under for the whole match will often encounter odds ranging from 7-9. This is the average number given by game portal for over/under corner kicks in each match. Normally, to play this type of over/under bet well, you need to clearly understand the playing style of each team.

Over/Under penalty card

Playing over/under with penalty cards is also not a bad choice if you want to get familiar with all types of bets. In terms of popularity, this is definitely a completely losing bet compared to the two types of football over/under bets mentioned above. With over/under penalty cards, you need to guess how many cards will be drawn by the referee in the match.

Playing over/under with penalty cards usually has odds ranging from 4-5. This is not a surprising number since the average number of cards per match usually fluctuates within this range. However, according to experts, this is still a relatively difficult bet to play as the number of cards often depends on the severity of the match. Card odds can easily be affected by external factors such as referees, players’ playing attitudes, etc.

How to read football over/under odds

To play soccer over/under bets, it is most important that players understand how to read this type of bet. Basically, over/under bets are not too difficult to play, but just difficult to predict. Currently, the way to read football over/under odds in general will include the following details:

  • The popular soccer over/under bet is based on the number of goals scored by both teams in the whole match with 2 bets: over and under.
  • The over bet will be for players who predict a higher number of goals, and the under bet will be for players who predict a smaller number of goals.
  • The threshold for a number to be more or less will be decided by the house. This is called the odds.
  • The player wins both over and under bets when the total number of goals in the whole match is at least 0.5 more or less than the odds. In cases where the distance is 0.25, there may be a case of winning or losing half the bet. In case the total number of goals is equal to the odds, it is a draw. The player neither wins nor loses the bet.

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Football over/under odds

We will help players more easily visualize football over/under select with specific odds. Specific odds are numbers that accurately describe the over/under odds in a match. Knowing how to read specifically will make it much easier for players to work in matches.

Football over/under 3/4

Football over/under 3/4 is not a popular bet in the over/under select system. The reason this is a relatively low number is that it is almost only used in first half bets with predictions of goals ranging from 0-2 goals. With over/under 3/4, players need to understand 2 prediction cases as follows:

  • The player who chooses Over will only win this bet and will win when both teams score. However, if the total number of goals is 1, you will only win half the bet, if 2 or more goals will win the whole bet.
  • In contrast to the under, the player who predicts the under is forced to have only one case: both teams do not score. If both teams score 1 goal, the lucky under bet will only lose half the bet.

Football over/under 2

Football Over/Under 2 gives players more options and analysis during the match. This is usually an over/under bet that takes place throughout the match, but the occurrence rate is not too high. Players have specifically the following cases to predict:

  • The player who bets on Over will immediately win if the 2 teams score a total of more than 2 goals.
  • Players who bet on the under bet will immediately receive a winning bonus if the 2 teams score a total of less than 2 goals.
  • Suppose that in case 2 teams score exactly 2 goals, whether the player bets over or under, the bet will be a draw.

Football over/under 2 1/4

The more popular number for players in soccer over/under bets is this type of 2 1/4 bet. With over/under 2 1/4, accidental predictions are much more attractive. Below are the predicted cases if this bettor is in the match:

  • If players choose Over before the match, they will need to hope that the 2 teams score a total of at least 3 goals to win the bet.
  • If players choose the under before the match, if they want to win the bet, they will need both teams to score less than 2 goals.
  • In case the match has exactly 2 goals scored, the over will lose half the money, the under will lose half the money.

Other football over/under odds

In general, the over/under bet will have many of the same odds as other types of bets such as Asia, Europe, goal score, etc. The above are the numbers representing the over/under goal bet, we There are still a few other numbers like 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, 3.5,…

That is with over/under goal bets, in addition players can also choose to play over/under cards, over/under goals, etc. With these types of bets we can see numbers like 3.75, 4.0, 4.25, 4.5 when playing over/under cards. If it is an over/under corner kick, the most common numbers are 7, 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, 8.5, etc. In terms of reading, these numbers are still similar to the reading of the over/under goal bet. . If you firmly grasp how to read a few odds, you can grasp the general rules when reading over/under select odds.

Is playing soccer over/under illegal?

A question that we often receive from bettors is whether playing soccer over/under is illegal or not. To answer this question, we will have quite a few issues that need to be discussed carefully.

First, bettors in Vietnam must definitely comply with Vietnamese law. Regarding regulations up to now, online soccer select is not a legally operated game in our country. However, Vietnam will only have jurisdiction over entities established in Vietnam.

Playing over/under soccer in Vietnam currently, most players are select under the authority of game portal from abroad. Firstly, Vietnam does not have the right to interfere in other countries’ economic activities, so players ensure that they will not break the law if they play. Furthermore, most major game portal operate under government licensing documents, so players can rest assured that select is 100% legal.

Play soccer over/under safely at Hi88

With our comments above, players will probably understand how important choosing a house is. If you still don’t have your own ideal destination, you can absolutely try to experience it at Hi88.

Legal activity

game portal Hi88 is a reputable address in the entire Asian market. It is known that this game portal was established in the Philippines and is one of the rare game portal licensed to operate immediately upon establishment. With licensed operations, of course this is a 100% legal operating address.

Playing at a legally operating house will ensure player safety. First of all, you guys are definitely not breaking the law as they are legal game portal. Next, being a legal game portal, the entire operation process of the house will be monitored extremely carefully. Once carefully monitored, it is certain that unexpected problems cannot occur.

State-of-the-art security

Playing safe football over/under at game portal Hi88 means you can experience a modern and advanced security system. Never underestimate whether the house has good security or not because that is definitely the wrong thought. Because if the security system is not secure, your personal information will always be in an unsafe state. That doesn’t even mention the problem of information loss or even money in player accounts.

The Hi88 security system has been accepted and approved by many security censorship organizations. Among them, we can immediately mention PACGOR. This is an organization specializing in operating online game portal in the Asian region. Regardless of the addresses that are recognized by PAGCOR, most of them are top reputable game portal.


game portal Hi88 is also an extremely safe address as they are completely open and transparent in all activities. Of course, this includes publicizing players’ select results as well as payment categories. If you have ever consulted groups and forums about over/under soccer select, you cannot help but know about Hi88.

Fair odds

Playing at game portal Hi88 is also guaranteed to be fair in the odds. game portal rarely offer difficult odds for their own players. Fair odds will help make all bets in the bet more equal, making it easier for players to choose.

Fair odds also bring remarkable financial balance to players. Inherently, football over/under does not have very high odds. If the game portal deliberately let the winning odds have low odds, it is clear that players will not gain much money.

Diverse choices

Play soccer over/under atHi88 sports You also have a lot of choices. The house has a full range of over/under bets that not every house has. Furthermore, this address also specializes in live broadcasting major tournaments to help players follow while select. Just like that, we can see the level of reliability coming from Hi88.

In general, if you choose to play over/under football, you can completely trust this game portal Hi88. With the knowledge related to soccer over/under select that we provide above, we hope to help players be more confident in the process of conquering this extremely popular type of select.

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