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For experienced players, understanding the lottery is no longer strange. However, for those who have just started entering this world, the concept of cross-lottery is extremely new. Many people are curious and do not understand clearly how to calculate cross lottery numbers and how to know how to calculate cross lotteries the most effective. All that wonder will be okvip Detailed answers are in the article below.

What is cross lotteries?

Before understanding the concept of cross lottery, you need to get familiar with lottery numbers first. The lottery number is a 2-digit number ranging from 00 to 99, which will usually appear in the last position in the lottery results. On the results table, you should only care about the last two digits of each result.

Cross lottery, also known as cross lottery, is a method of playing that combines two, three or more numbers together. If you participate in 2-way lottery, this means you bet that both numbers you have chosen will appear at the same time in the results.

There are several types of lottery that are most popular today

Today, on the lottery market there are many diverse types of lottery numbers, each type will give you different ways to calculate the lottery numbers, creating special excitement. But if we look at the most popular types of skewed lotteries, we cannot help but mention 2nd, 3rd and 4th skewed lotteries, these are options that will definitely attract the attention of players.

Lo Xien 2

To participate in playing lottery 2, you need to use the lottery strategy to choose 2 lottery numbers with an extremely high probability of winning, one number will include 2 digits from about 00 to 99. Then, based on 2 Last digit of all prizes (including 27 prizes from Hanoi station, 18 prizes from Central and Southern stations, depending on the position you play) to check if the lots you have chosen match the result no.

For example, how to calculate a cross lottery is as follows: If you choose to play a cross lottery number 2, which is 52 – 59, this means you have bet on both of these numbers to appear in the results. Similarly, you can choose another 2nd cross number such as 03 – 10 with the hope that both of these numbers will win.

Skewer 3 lotteries

To participate in the 3-way lotto game, you need to come up with three lottery numbers, each with 2 digits between 00 and 99. Then, you compare based on the last two digits of all the numbers. prizes, including 27 prizes from Hanoi station and 18 prizes from Central and Southern stations to check if the three lottery numbers you have chosen match the results.

Example of 3-way lottery: If you choose 52 – 59 – 90, this means you have bet that all three numbers will appear in the results. Similarly, you can also choose other 3-way lottery numbers such as 03 – 10 – 69 to participate in the game.

Skewer 4 lotteries

To participate in playing 4-digit lottery, you need to choose 4 numbers, with each number ranging from 00 to 99. This method is similar to how to play and check whether you win 2-number or 3-number lottery. To determine whether your bet wins in 4-number cross lottery or not, you will rely on the last 2 digits of all prizes. If the lottery results show 4 lottery numbers that match the 4 numbers you bet on, it means you have won the game.

Extremely accurate way to calculate cross lotteries

After gathering some basic information about the format of playing lottery, we will move on to understanding how to calculate cross lottery numbers. Although the odds of winning when playing cross lottery according to Northern lottery results may not seem as high as traditional lottery results, for those who win, the rewards are great and worthwhile.

Because of these advantages, the number of people participating in playing lottery in the market not only maintains but also shows signs of increasing every day. The most important thing is that you need to master the rules of the game, from there you can focus on learning how to calculate parlay numbers for each specific type in detail.

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How to calculate 2-way lottery in detail

Double lottery or double lottery, this is one of the forms of play where participants can choose 02 different lottery numbers in one drawing. These lottery numbers will form a pair and you will use this pair of numbers to bet.

A double cross lottery is only considered a winning prize when both numbers are won in one lottery day (ie they coincide with the last 2 numbers of any 2 prizes in the Northern lottery results table). If only one of the two numbers does not win, you will lose your bet on that pair of numbers.

How to calculate 2nd cross lotteries is understood in detail as follows:

  • The odds of 2 parlays are 1 – 10, which means that if you bet about 10,000 VND on your double parlay and win, you will receive 100,000 VND. But the way to calculate 2nd cross lotteries will vary depending on the specific regulations of each game portal, but usually the redemption rate will range from about 10 to 17 times.
  • If you apply the method of calculating the lottery number 2 according to the Southern or Central lottery results table, you will have a reward rate of 1 to 23. This means that if you bet 1 lot point on the lottery number 2 (equivalent to equivalent to 2 regular lot points). If you win the bet, you will receive back 23 times the original value.

How to calculate cross lotteries 3

Lot number 3 works in the same way as lot number 2, with the only difference being that you will choose 03 numbers instead of just 02 numbers. If all 3 numbers appear in the lottery results, you will receive a prize. In case at least 1 lot number does not match, you will be considered a loser.

How to calculate cross lotteries 03 can be understood as follows:

  • For players who have bet according to the Northern lottery results table, the reward rate in the 3-way lottery calculation is usually 1 – 40. Simply put, you will bet 10,000 VND and win. will receive 400,000 VND. Some game portals may offer higher odds, even up to 1 – 76.
  • For those participating in 3-way cross bets according to the Southern or Central lottery results table, the reward rate will usually be from 1 – 80.

How to calculate cross lotteries 4

Just like the previous two types of cross-lottery bets okvip introduced, the 4-way lottery calculation still retains the same structure, the only difference is the number of lottery numbers you choose each day as well as the reward rate players can achieve.

If all 04 lottery numbers you bet on win in one day, the bonus amount will be multiplied by 1 to 170. But if 01 number does not win, you will still receive a reward according to the exchange rate of the lottery. 3-way lottery and if 2 numbers do not win, you will receive a reward according to the reward rate in the calculation of 2-way lottery.


The above article has okvip answered all questions about how to calculate cross lotteries and provided some useful experience for playing cross lotteries. Hopefully this information will be effective and help everyone make the most accurate lottery numbers.

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