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In A Grave Escalation Of Military Threats, China Launches Missiles “Over Mainland Taiwan.”

Japanese Defense Ministry made the claims, which would be the first time Beijing has deployed missiles across the island.

China allegedly launched missiles over Taiwan’s neighboring mainland on Thursday, a significant escalation of Beijing’s military warnings against the self-governing island.

In its largest drills in the Taiwan Strait, Beijing reportedly sent out over 100 aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers, as well as over 10 warships, according to Chinese state media.

After Nancy Pelosi, a top Democrat and third in line for the US presidency, visited Taiwan, which China claims as its own, there was a significant military display.

Less than 24 hours later, Taiwan reported that at least 11 Chinese ballistic missiles had for the first time since 1996 struck waters to the north, south, and east of the island.

Beijing claimed the drills hinted at a larger display of force meant to punish the island for Mrs. Pelosi’s visit, which it saw as a rejection of its territorial claims.

The massive drills, which provide China’s mostly unproven military valuable practice should they ever try to annex the island by force, have alarmed analysts.

The major four-day military exercise would feature a “extraordinary” long-range artillery launch over Taiwan’s main island for the first time, according to China’s military analysts.


On Thursday, Tokyo seemed to corroborate that. According to the nation’s defense ministry, it is “believed” that four missiles crossed Taiwan’s mainland as they soared over the capital city of Taipei. Although it was never proved, it’s possible that something similar occurred in the 1990s.

Taiwan’s own defence ministry did not reject the assertion on Thursday, but said the missiles soared high into the atmosphere and did not represent a threat, meaning they did not enter its airspace

The move, according to Harry Kazianis, president of the Rogue States Group and a US military expert on China, signified a significant escalation from Beijing, which has long claimed sovereignty over the democratically run area.

He claimed that there is “no evidence” that the Chinese have ever fired a missile over Taiwan, labeling such an action as “unprecedented.”

President Xi Jinping wants to “show the world” that Beijing is capable of “interfering with Taiwan’s airspace and enacting a very powerful embargo,” according to Mr. Kazianis.

He continued, “I believe the Chinese will go right to the brink of war to demonstrate how furious they are over Nancy Pelosi’s visit.”

The missiles had flown over Taiwan for the first time, according to Chinese state media.

According to military analyst Zhang Xuefeng of the Chinese mainland, they will “fly above the island, which is unusual.”

According to Maj Gen Meng Xiangqing, a professor of strategy at the National Defence University in Beijing, the conventional missiles went over airspace protected by Taiwanese defense missiles, as seen on state TV network CCTV.

The Chinese military has overcome the challenges of attacking long-range targets on waterways because we were able to hit the targets while being observed by the US Aegis combat system, he continued.

The Chinese military has confirmed that conventional missiles were fired many times in the vicinity of Taiwan as part of drills that were expected to go until Sunday midday in at least six different zones.

Although Beijing claimed its missiles struck their targets exactly, Japan objected that five of the missiles seemed to land in its economic zone and planned to file a formal complaint.

President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan would not instigate confrontations but would resolutely protect its sovereignty and national security in response to the Chinese maneuvers.

In a pre-recorded video greeting to Taiwanese citizens, Ms. Tsai said that her country “would never be pushed down by adversities.”

We will be solid and not back down because we are composed and not impulsive, reasonable and not belligerent.

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