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Health rumors continue as Putin shakes at awards ceremony


Vladimir Putin holds the podium during a speech at a Moscow awards ceremony (Picture: EPA)

Vladimir Putin’s health has resurfaced when video emerged of the 69-year-legs old’s buckling during a speech.

Fears about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mental and physical health have intensified since his invasion of Ukraine nearly four months ago.

Following stories of shaky hands and inexplicable disappearances, there is conjecture that he is suffering from terminal cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

A video from a Sunday awards ceremony has surfaced, showing the tyrant’s wobbly legs.

Putin stands just off the stage, swaying back and forth with his arms straight by his sides, clearly unable to stand still as he listens to Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov accept a medal.

His legs look to buckle multiple times as he holds the platform with his hand for support later in the speech.

As health fears increase, Vladimir Putin shakes excessively and his legs buckle repeatedly during his address.

As he stands beside the platform during the filmmaker’s address, Vladimir Putin can’t quit fidgeting.

Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, rumors about him have only grown (Picture: AFP)

Putin’s health has been frequently defended by the Kremlin, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejecting any ailment.

However, it is widely assumed that the tyrant’s public appearances are extensively staged, with some even being staged.

Putin’s recent appearance follows shocking accusations that his bodyguards apparently bag his feces while he is away from Russia so it can be returned to Russia.

According to Paris Match, members of the Federal Protection Service (FPS) are said to collect the excrement in specific packets, which are then put in a designated bag for the journey home.

The gruesome practice is said to be carried out to ensure that foreign powers do not gain access to information on Putin’s health or potential therapies.

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