Exploring the Trending Hair Extension Collections That Can Grow Your Hair Salon Business

LifestyleExploring the Trending Hair Extension Collections That Can Grow...

In the constantly growing beauty and fashion industry hair extensions have become an effective way for salon owners to diversify their services and reach out to more customers. Hair extensions provide ladies with elegance, style, and versatility, which is why many clients cannot do without them. With the advancements in technology, new evolutions are being made which resulted in the arrival of various new types of hair extensions in the market. Out of all other hair extensions, human hair extensions are desirable among women. This article takes a closer look at the trending hair extension collections that can increase your salon revenue and some insight into INTACTE Hair. 

Rising Trend of Hair Extensions

Braid or weave hair extensions have grown in popularity in the last decade. Clients are presented with the options to gain length, volume, and sometimes even color of hair without the risks and consequences of other hair enhancement services. Such a rising need offers salon owners a good chance of expanding their services and products to accommodate this market. 

Understanding Virgin Remy Hair

Thus, the best hair extensions are those of great quality. Virgin Remy Hair is the ultimate collection among all the others in the market. This type of hair is natural and untouched, and all the cuticles on the hair strands are lying flat in one direction which eliminates tangling and allows the extension to last longer. Among these, INTACTE Hair as the leader of this market provides 100% Virgin Remy Hair which is supposed to last 12 months if well maintained and is a perfect opportunity for both the salon owners and clients. 

The INTACTE Hair Advantage: Quality and Assurance 

INTACTE Hair is very much interested in eliminating all the risks associated with the hair extension business for salon business-minded individuals. Their products are guaranteed to be of good quality and provided with a 6-month quality warranty against manufacturing defects. This assurance of the quality as well as the durability of the products is a major selling point that will assist you in gaining the trust of your clients. 

Trending Hair Extension Collections 

Most Hair Brands provide various trending hair extension collections that provide solutions to various clients. Women prefer to go with different styles and extensions every time they visit salons. Here’s a closer look at their featured collections:

1. Invisible Tape-In Extensions 

Thus, Invisible Tape-In Extensions can be regarded as a revolutionary product in the hair extension industry. They are not time-consuming to apply and remove thus the preference of most of the stylists and their clients. These extensions are made in a way that they can easily fit on natural hair hence no visible knots or looping. It should also be noted that the material is lightweight and does not pull or damage the client’s natural hair in any way. 

2. Invisible Weft Hair Extensions 

Other variants of hair extensions include Invisible Weft Hair Extensions. These human hair extensions are also long-lasting and look very natural when worn. The wefts are extremely fine and light, benefiting from the delicate and comfortable feeling on the scalp besides being easy to install. They can be applied by sewing gluing or even micro-beading, which makes the methods of application rather diverse. The invisible weft design makes it possible to blend the extensions well, even when attempting trendy styles with lots of partings. For more information, visit INTACTE Hair’s company website.

3. K Tip Hair Extensions 

K Tip Hair Extensions also commonly referred to as keratin tip extensions are best for clients who want lengthy. These extensions are clipped to the natural hair with the help of a heat-sensitive keratin bonding glue. The keratin tips are miniature and do not draw attention to the self as they fuse well with the natural hair. K Tip extensions give wonderful durability and can keep for several months provided that they are treated well. 

4. Hand Tied Weft Extensions 

Hand Tied Weft Extensions are on a different league of hair extensions for anyone who wants the best natural-looking hair extensions. Its construction is completely hand-done; that is why a high level of manufacturing quality and the homogeneity of the tissue’s wefts are achieved. Due to this, these extensions are very thin and light, making them very comfortable to wear and natural looking. Hand-tied weft Extensions are unique and can be parted and restyled in different ways, thus preferred by clients who wish to have an elegant look. 

Tips To Promote Hair Extensions Business 

Using quality hair extensions in your salon can be very fruitful for your business. They can boost your sales and also help attract new customers with your variety of hair extensions. Here are some strategies to maximize this potential: 

  • Offer Personalized Consultations 

Consultations can be individualized to involve the client in decision-making and would facilitate the understanding of the client’s needs and goals. With this, you will be in a position to improve their satisfaction level and guarantee them the best results as per their hair extension needs. 

  • Utilize Social Media 

Facebook and other social networks are the tools that can be used for the promotion of your hair extension services. Use before and after pictures, client reviews, and stories together with the process photos to represent how hair extensions can change a woman’s life. Always prefer communication with your audience, and reply to the comments and messages as soon as you can. 

  • Partner with Influencers 

Working with influencers may expand your audience base and help attract new clients. Look for people within your region who would be interested in your brand and invite them to use your hair extension services. Their endorsement has the potential to increase your salon’s popularity and reliability among consumers. 


Since people are now seeking hair extensions more than ever, salon owners have the chance to extend their services and appeal to more clients. INTACTE Hair’s Virgin Remy Hair extensions are some of the best products in the market that you can use to market your salon and boost its sales. Fashion this, inform your clients and sit back and watch your salon reap the benefits in this competitive beauty business.

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