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EXO D.O Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About D.O

Doh Kyungsoo, who was born on January 12, 1993, has become well-known due to his extraordinary abilities in acting and singing. The “Pure Love” actor, who was raised in Seoul, South Korea, began his career as a singer in the well-known boy band EXO before moving into acting.


BIRTH NAME: Do Kyung Soo

BIRTH DATE: January 12, 1993


HEIGHT: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea


Early Life And Career

Since he was in primary school, D.O. has been singing. Throughout high school, he frequently took part in regional singing contests.

Following an interview, the Gyeonggi man was hired as a trainee by SM Entertainment in 2010. He trained with SM Entertainment for his final two years of high school.

In January 2012, D.O. made his debut as an EXO member. He was going to join the EXO-K sub-unit and perform in Korean for the music business there.

With the release of the EP Mama in 2012, this gifted singer made his EXO debut. The response to their debut EP was excellent.

Gaon Album Chart at number one, and Billboard World Albums Chart at number eight.

In addition, D.O has acted in a number of movies and TV shows. In the 2016 comedy-drama film My Annoying Brother, he played the most significant role.

He was cast in the major role of national Judo champion Doo-young. D.O. won the Best New Actor prize at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his performance.

Additionally, this Capricorn man contributed to various movie soundtracks.

Scream for Cart OST, Don’t Worry for My Annoying Brother OST, and Dear My Family for I AM OST were all released by him in 2012, 2014, and 2016, respectively.

He enrolled in the military on July 1, 2019. SM Station’s solo single That’s Okay was released on that day. The song was reportedly co-written with D.O.

On January 25, 2021, this K-pop star’s military obligation was formally terminated. Don’t Fight the Feeling, an EXO 2021 EP that was released on June 7, featured him.

He rejoins the group for the first time since the release of Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, their fifth studio album, in 2018.

D.O Quick Facts

Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, is where he was born.
Relatives: Father, mother, and older brother.
High school: Baekseok High School.
lzzang was his name.
Following his victory in a singing competition, he formally joined SM Entertainment in 2010.
His parents gave him a lot of encouragement when he decided to pursue singing.
Because his father operates an art business, he claims that he received his artistic side from him.
His nick names include Heenjabuja (meaning “rich in whites”), Umma, “Orchestra Boy,” “The Pop Out Eyes,” and Pororo (because, as he reportedly said, Pororo looks a lot like him).
Characteristics: Quiet, maternal with the other group members, sentimental, and caring.
His wide eyes and lips are formed like hearts.
He serves as the group’s mother in a way. D.O. always cooks and takes care of the other family members.
D.O will nudge the other EXO members if the dorms are disorganized.
With strangers, he is incredibly timid. He would rather other people start interactions and approach him.
D.O. will laugh around a lot if he is with other EXO members only.
He forgets things easily when he is anxious.
He frequently bites his fingernails.
D.O. has a basic command of English.
He and KAI are tight.
He doesn’t use the term “hyung” while referring to CHANYEOL because CHANYEOL has stated that he wants the two to be close friends.
D.O. enjoys singing and CHANYEOL enjoys playing the guitar.
Habit: Hums in time to music.
He has piano skills.
D.O. enjoys cooking and typically makes meals for the group’s members.
He often hums songs in his head.
Interests: Lyric interpretation, singing, and beatboxing.
Pop music is his preferred genre.
Fantasy films are D.O.’s preferred genre.
He likes the number one.
Black is his preferred hue.
Spaghetti is D.O.’s preferred cuisine.
He has a behavior where his tongue is used to moisten his lips.
Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” featuring Bruno Mars is D.O.’s favorite song.
He is totally fixated on cleanliness. D.O. likes to organize everything by color, brand, and type and is always neat.
Because he despises perspiring, he avoids exercising.
He would have been a chef if he hadn’t chosen to become a musician.

D.O Girlfriend

There is no evidence to support D.O. from EXO having a girlfriend. He has never admitted to being in a relationship in public, and there are no trustworthy rumors that he is seeing anyone. But over the years, some stories have surfaced regarding his love life.

Reports surfaced in 2015 claiming that D.O. was seeing Choi In Ga. Following the internet publication of a picture of D.O. and a woman who appeared to be Choi In Ga, speculations began to circulate.

D.O Net worth 2024

The predicted value of D.O.’s net worth in 2024 is $12 million. This is based on his earnings from his time as an actor, his sponsorship deals, and his time performing music with EXO.

One of the most well-known K-pop acts in the world, EXO has sold more than 100 million albums globally. D.O. has recorded a number of solo songs and albums in addition to being a member of the group’s sub-unit EXO-K. His music career has brought in a sizable sum of money for him.

D.O. has a strong acting career in addition to his music career. In movies and television dramas including “My Annoying Brother” (2016), “Swing Kids” (2018), and “100 Days My Prince” (2018), he has acted as the lead. He has also made a sizable sum of money from his performances.

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