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Enhance Your Look With Perfect Short Bob Wig

Purchasing a hair wig is more challenging than it sounds. Hair wigs are the best way to achieve glamorous hair looks. However, sometimes, you buy a hair wig that doesn’t match your face. A perfect hair wig compliments your facial structure, producing a natural look. The final selection of hair wigs must not rely only on their color or texture. Instead, it is essential to consider the natural face shape as a critical factor while choosing a hair wig.

There are around six face shapes in women, and different hair wigs may suit different face shapes. Among so many wig styles, bob wigs are widely chosen because they go well with all face shapes. However, there are wide varieties of bob hair wigs available today. The article concludes well with the different face shapes and bob wig recommendations for every face shape.

Finding the Ideal Short Bob Wig That Matches Your Face

Short bob wigs are wigs with short hair that lie around your head. However, even these bob hair wigs come in different textures, styles, and lengths. A bob wig may range between 8 inches and 16 inches in length. They come in various styles, including straight or curly, thin or heavy, etc. Choosing the best-suited bob wig for one’s facial shape is one’s personal choice.

Choosing the perfect bob wig that gives you a natural hair appearance is challenging. Buying a bob hair wig for the first time is confusing, so hairstylists often suggest analyzing your face types and shape before buying a hair wig. Different bob wigs go well with the various face shapes, and a clear recommendation of bob wigs for every face shape is mentioned below:

1.   Bob Wig For Round Face shape

Round faces are beautiful faces with fullness in them. These faces often have heavier cheeks that offer a bulky appearance to your face. These faces have equal proportions in their width and length. Round-shaped people have circular faces.

The Bob Wig Recommendations:

If you are looking for a bob hair wig for a circular face, you must opt for a bob wig with many layers. The long layered wig style charms a round face, adding a younger look. You may also choose a wavy bob wig to narrow your cheek looks for a realistic appearance.

2.            Bob Wig For Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is easy to determine. The oval faces are usually long yet narrow from the sides. They give a highlighted appearance. If you have an oval-shaped face, you are fortunate because you can try almost any bob wig style to achieve an attractive facial appearance.

The Bob Wig Recommendations:

Oval-face individuals may try varied bob wigs. However, choose a wig that looks natural on your face. It is essential to understand that the jawline must match the hairline when choosing a bob wig for an oval face. It is recommended to go with a heavy band bob wig or a long blunt wig to ensure a shorter and symmetrical appearance for an oval face.

3.   Bob Wig For Square Face Shape

Faces with wide jaws and strong cheekbones are often determined as square face shapes. Square-face individuals are gifted with wider hairlines. On average, square faces have similar forehead, check, and jaws.

The Bob Wig Recommendations:

Choosing a perfect bob wig is challenging for a square-shaped face. Choose a wig that evenly distributes hair volume on each side. A round bob wig can achieve a stunning appearance with a square face. You may also opt for bob wigs with soft layers.

4.   Bob Wig For Diamond Face Shape

Diamond faces are charming faces with symmetries. They are gifted with narrow crowns and foreheads and beautiful wide cheekbones. The best part of these faces is their narrow chins.

The Bob Wig Recommendations:

People with diamond-shaped faces may try long bob hair wigs. Make sure to opt for bob wigs that add extra width to the chin. Diamond faces may also opt for short bob wigs with shoulder-length cuts or medium hair wigs with straight or wavy styles. Diamond faces must avoid choosing wigs that add volume near the cheekbones.


Not all face shapes are alike. Thus, it is essential to determine your face shape before choosing a perfect bob hair wig. Choose perfect wear and go wigs that ensure you meet your natural facial appearance. Only an ideal bob wig can complement your existing face to achieve a realistic facial appearance.

This article mentions familiar face shapes. Look at the mirror and identify your face shape before choosing a perfect bob hair wig. If you wish to opt for a bob hair wig, choose it wisely only after considering your face shape.

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