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Choosing the Best Suitcase: A Buying Guide

To have the best trip experience, you need to find the best suitcase. Whether you’re going on a road trip or a short getaway, a suitcase will keep your things safe and organized. It can be hard to find the right suitcase because there are so many names to choose from. You can use this piece to help you choose the best suitcase for your next trip.

How to Choose the Right Suitcase

When looking for a bag, a lot of things come to mind. Depending on their wants, each traveler has different needs. You need a bag that isn’t too heavy or hard to move around. So that you don’t get lost, here are some steps you can follow to find the right suitcase for you.

1. Size and weight

You should look for luggage that fits most companies’ rules if you travel a lot. As a general rule, you should travel light because extra luggage costs more at customs. Pick a bag that gives you more room to stuff your things before a trip.

2. What Kind of Trunk

Aside from the size and weight, what kind of bag do you want? There are three main types of bags on the market right now:

Roller Bag

Travelers most often use this style of bag, which has two big wheels on the side. One good thing about this kind of bag is that it’s easy to roll around the airport. But the extra weight on the wheels can make it hard to go up or down stairs or along curbs.

Spinner Bag

These bags have four small wheels that make them easy to roll around on the airport floor. This new trend among tourists is quickly catching on and is now as well-known as Samsonite luggage. One bad thing about spinner bags is that they can get in the way on city streets and curbs.

Backpack Suitcase 

This is another kind of suitcase that is becoming more popular among people who move a lot. The best thing about it is that you can use it to get around the airport without using your hands. But some people don’t like it because they think it’s too heavy for them.

Duffel Bag 

This kind of bag is great for going to the gym, but not for trips. Not only are backpack bags big, they are also painful to carry. Besides that, the strap might dig into your shoulder. You should buy the first three items above unless you are going to the gym.

3. Material 

If you’re going to use the bag a lot, you should look for one that’s made of strong materials. Most bags on the market today are made from one of these materials:

Hard Shell 

Travelers are starting to like this material because it is sleek, classy, and light. If this bag is too big, though, you might have trouble putting it in the overhead bin. One more thing is that they don’t have any side pockets, which means you have to open the whole bag to get something.

Semi-soft shell

Most suitcases are made of plastic or cardboard wrapped in canvas, which is called a “semi-soft shell.” Soft-shell materials can be squished into an overhead bin, but they can still be a problem. Besides that, the cardboard or plastic inside adds another 2 to 5 pounds to the weight.

Soft Shell

There is no hard inside of a soft shell material bag because it is made of canvas or vinyl. A soft shell’s best feature is that it is durable and can fit in any place. But it doesn’t protect fragile items that aren’t carefully packed.

Choose Comfort When Looking For Suitcases

When picking out a bag, comfort should be your main concern. You don’t want to be stressed out because your bag won’t fit in the overhead bin or gets broken after only a few uses. Picking the best bag will also help you have the best trip.

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