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BIGBANG Daesung Profile, Age, Wife, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Daesung

Kang Dae-sung is a South Korean musician, variety host, and infrequent actor best known as the lead vocalist of the well-known Korean band BIGBANG (Hangul:???; born April 26, 1989). He has released a solo album, several singles, appeared in musicals, and played a role in a drama since his debut.


BIRTH NAME: Kang Daesung

BIRTH DATE: April 26, 1989

BIRTH PLACE: Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’10”


Early LifeAndCareer

She was South Korean singer, actor, and television host Kang Dae-sung, better known by her stage name Daesung. In 2006, Daesung had his musical debut with the boy band “Big Bang,” and two years later, he went solo with the single “Look at me Gwisoon.

” Big Bang was a success right away, and the lead single from the album “Since 2007” was a huge hit. One of their songs, “Lies,” helped them gain early notoriety, which helped Big Bang achieve international recognition. In the trot genre, Daesung released another solo single in 2009 with the title “Big Hit.

” He was initially hesitant to go in a completely different direction from what his band was doing at the time, but the song’s success helped him gain more notoriety and win a number of music awards. Eventually, Daesung entered the Japanese music market. His debut Japanese album, titled “D’scover,” was published in 2013, and it immediately shot to the top of the Oricon Music Chart.

To satisfy his rapidly expanding fan base in the nation, he performed on tour in Japan and released a few additional Japanese singles and albums. Additionally, he has made a few appearances in movies and variety shows.

Daesung Quick Facts

His residence is Incheon, South Korea.
He has an older sister named Bora. Because of his smiley eyes, he goes by the moniker “Smiling Angel.”
He is BIG BANG’s lead singer.
He was chosen as the BIG BANG lineup’s third member.
He is Gummy’s closest pal.
He made his solo Korean debut on June 16 with the trot song “Look At Me GwiSoon”
With the release of the album D’scover on February 27, 2013, he then made his solo Japanese debut.
His solo discography is primarily Japanese.
Under the sub-label YGEX of YG, he releases all of his Japanese solo tracks.
His favorite character is Doraemon.
He has drumming skills.
He isn’t proficient in swimming.
One of his favorite dishes is sushi.
He was involved in an automobile accident in 2009 that left him with a broken nose and back injuries.
He is the second-youngest member of BIG BANG after Seungri.
He would choose T.O.P if he were a lady and had to choose a member to date.
He was a star of the variety program Family Outing.
He participated in the animated movie A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures as Sammy in the drama What’s Up.
He is a devoted Christian and studied postmodern music at Kyung Hee University back in 2008.
He was the second foreign performer to have two consecutive number one albums in Japan. In BIG BANG’s parody of the drama Boys Over Flowers, he played a schoolgirl and an evil stepmother.
He was the first K-pop performer to hold a solo concert in Japan that drew more than 100,000 people.

Daesung Wife

Information about Daesung’s current romantic life is not widely known. He has never publicly admitted to being in a relationship or disputed it, and he has never been spotted out and about with a suspected girlfriend.

Daesung has previously acknowledged having a girlfriend while he was residing in Japan. But he’s never revealed who she is.

Daesung Net worth 2024

In 2024, Daesung’s net worth is anticipated to be $10 million. His prosperous career as a singer, actor, and television personality has allowed him to amass his money. He is a part of the Big Bang boy band from South Korea, which has sold over 100 million records globally.

Daesung has also put out a number of popular solo albums and singles. Daesung has a background in music but has also appeared in a number of dramas and variety shows on television. He is well-liked in South Korea and has a sizable fan base there as well.

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