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Basic Card Game Rules – Instructions From A-Z

Bai Chan, a traditional card game, has always captured the hearts of many generations of Vietnamese people from past to present. With the same appeal as other card games, Chan was quickly chosen by many online card game floors as one of the games that can be redeemed for prizes. Basic rules of playing Chan card game Since then, it has also attracted a large number of players thanks to its interesting and dramatic nature.

A brief introduction to the basic block lesson

Hi88 Bai Chan is a developed and simplified version of the traditional To Tom game, a unique folk card game. The shield deck includes 100 cards, allowing 2 to 4 players to participate in each game. The cards in the deck are divided into several categories based on the number system from two to nine, along with the card chi chi (chi), which is the number part of the deck.

 Unlike chi cards, each remaining type of card is divided into three different suits: ten thousand, literature, book, each suit has 4 identical cards. Although it may be difficult to grasp at first Basic rules of Chan card game, but as long as you pay attention, you will quickly grasp the rules. There is a simple mnemonic to help distinguish the card suits: “ten thousand square”, “cross-text”, “messy books”.

Overview of some basic strokes

Basic card playing rules for newbies

Although it seems simple, beginners need to master it Basic rules of Chan card game to advanced. Below is a guide for you to clearly understand the rules of play, how to conduct the game, and the regulations on foul penalties in block games.

How to play Chan card game

Dealing the Cards and Determining the Start:

  • Bai Chan, with two main playing versions, attracts players based on the number of participants. The secret block version, with 4 players, is the most popular.
  • Each player receives 19 cards. The remaining leaves are called Venom.
  • The winner of the previous game will choose 5 cards from Noc to create a new hand. A card will be randomly selected from the Deck and then turned face up to determine the leader as well as the person who starts the game.

Rules for Playing Cards:

  • When you capture a card to create a Block or Jack, you need to lower them to the mat, placing the card you captured on top.
  • If you cannot capture the card, you must pick a card from Noc then continue the game, passing the turn to the next player if you cannot capture the drawn card.

Instructions on basic card playing rules for beginners

Conditions for Buzzing:

  • To buzz, your combination of 19 cards needs to combine with a card on the mat to form Chan or Jack, there are no odd cards, there must be at least 6 Chan.
  • When playing cards, you must clearly classify between Chan, Bet, and ù correctly.

Calculating money and scoring points in Chan card game is really difficult

In the Chan card game, each type of charge is valued by the corresponding number of Points and Translation. When the player calls and calls correctly, the total number of points from the calls will be calculated and converted into money. Each point has a certain monetary value, stipulating the amount of money the loser needs to pay to the winner. This is the most common calculation method Basic card playing rules.

The scoring method is as follows:

  • When calling only one kick, the total score is the score of that kick.
  • In the case of chanting multiple moves, the total score is calculated as the score of the move with the highest point value plus the total number of Translations from the other moves.
  • If the game includes cock select, the total score is also added to the points received from the cock, usually 5 points per cock.

Special rates charged include:
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  • Ten Thanh or Four Limbs, is counted as 8 reds and 2 straights.
  • Bach Dinh in case of playing wide cock or “Bach Dinh shrimp” if playing narrow cock.
  • Eight red for wide chicken or “eight red flat” for narrow chicken.
  • Bach Thu Chi, depending on the place of play, may not be counted as a cock.
  • “Chin with white hands”, “choi with white hands”, “chicken with white hands” is similar to white-thud chi and “with white hands”.

Terminology in the Chan card game

In addition to understanding Basic card playing rules, understanding the following terms is essential for every player:

A few terms you need to understand when playing block

Straight: A pair of cards with identical numbers and suits.

Jack: A pair of cards with the same number but different suits.

Lame: Are single cards that do not belong to the Shield or Jack pair.

Lead: Similar to Phom – Ta La, each player has their own ‘door’, called the lead door, where they can decide to play cards or not.

Eat: When you have a card that matches the card on the mat to form a Chan or a Fool, you can take that card into your ‘door’.

Chi: If you are holding three identical cards and a similar card appears under the mat, you have priority to take this card. No matter which door it came from, who struck it, or was drawn from the Venom.

Return: When you Fold a card from someone else’s hand, you must ‘return’ by playing another card to replace it, and then the game continues as normal.

Buzz: The game goal is achieved when you successfully combine your 19 cards with a new card drawn from the Venom to form 10 suits (Chan or Jack), requiring a minimum of 6 Blocks.

Stacking: Occurs when two players are waiting to receive the same card. The player with priority is the one sitting closest to the position where the cards are drawn, in a counterclockwise direction.

Understanding these terms will help players easily enjoy the experience and not be surprised when learning about them. Basic card playing rules.

This Hi88 article has provided you with an overview of how to participate and Basic card playing rules Hi88, a game that certainly attracts and fascinates you. Don’t hesitate to explore and participate in these exciting card games. Start your experience today so you don’t miss out on the exciting rewards waiting for you.

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