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Australia’s Use Of Streaming Services Has Increased

While more Australians are using streaming services to access content, commercial TV is still the most widely used news source.
Those are among the conclusions made regarding Australians’ most recent viewing patterns in the most recent study on media content consumption.

According to the survey, 66% of Australian adults watched internet streaming services in 2022, up from 62% in the previous year.

Free video streaming services came in second place with 58% of the viewership, followed by free-to-air TV with 53%.

81% of Australian homes have at least one subscription service, and on average, households pay for 2.4 online streaming services.

With 56% of respondents indicating it is their primary method of consuming current affairs, the poll also revealed that free to air was the most common means for individuals to get the news.

Radio came in second with 56% of the vote, followed by news websites and apps with 53%.

While 39% of respondents said they consume local, state, or territorial news more frequently than five times per week, more than 33% said they read national news more frequently than five times per week.

Internet connectivity was also revealed to be the top characteristic individuals looked at when purchasing a new TV in an Australian study on TV usage.

More than two thirds of respondents to the television consumer study indicated that having access to free-to-air TV was also a crucial consideration when selecting a model.

The findings from both surveys will help guide the federal government’s proposed media changes, according to communications minister Michelle Rowland.

As we create and carry out an ambitious long-term agenda for media reform, evidence to support the government’s understanding of the media landscape is crucial, she said.

The results of the television consumer survey demonstrate the enduring significance of providing Australians with access to free to air services.

These findings will help the government as it decides how to carry out its promise to pass legislation establishing a regulatory framework for connected TV devices.

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