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ASTRO Rocky Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Rocky

Rocky is the stage name of Park Min-hyuk, a South Korean singer, rapper, composer, and actor signed to Fantagio Music. He made his official debut in 2015 as the lead rapper and dancer of the boy band Astro. He also performs with JinJin & Rocky, the group’s second sub-unit, which made its debut in January 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Jung Wooyoung

BIRTH DATE: November 16, 1999

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’8″


Early life And Career

Rocky began dancing at the young age of five. He received training in ballet, tap, and jazz, among other dance forms.

This Pisces man joined the Fantagio entertainment company later in 2010.

Rocky appeared in Korea’s Got Talent just one year later. Even though he only advanced to the regional preliminary show at the age of 12, he still had the opportunity to display his incredible dancing talent.

Rocky was a trainee with Fantagio and a part of their iTeen talent development program.

In the web series To be Continued in 2015, he appeared alongside five other iTeen males as themselves. These young men later became known as Astro, a new boy band.

Rocky and the other members participated in the reality program Astro OK! prior to their formal debut. Ready. In January 2016, it was broadcast.

In February, the group released an EP named Spring Up, marking their official debut.

The album reached number four on the Gaon Album Chart after receiving positive reviews. It debuted at position six on the Billboard World Albums Chart as well.

In addition to being a member of Astro, Rocky also works on his solo projects. He collaborated with musician Chawoo to release the digital single STAR.

The song was later included in Fantagio’s December 2018 special album FM201.8-11Hz.

The second ASTROAD To Seoul Starlight concert included the Jinju man’s debut solo performance.

In that concert in December 2018, he sang the song Have A Good Day. Later, in June 2019, the song and concert DVD were both published.

Additionally, he is working on various song compositions. On Astro’s second studio album All Yours, he is best known for the song Our Spring.

Not only did Rocky write the song, but he also oversaw the creation of the music video. In May 2021, the footage was made public.

Rocky Ouick Facts

Rocky is a diligent and trustworthy individual. He’s a little quiet as well.
In the 2015 drama series Persevere, Goo Haera, he appeared.
This K-pop celebrity appeared as The Mask on the TV show Hit the Stage in 2016.
For the group’s song videos Wake Up Call and Fireworks, he was responsible for the choreography.
He was the first trainee to receive the Fantagio Photo Test Cut.
Red is Rocky’s preferred color.
In Taekwondo, he has already earned a black belt.
He can consume a lot of food.
In comparison to the other members, this Pisces man has the largest feet. He was given the moniker King Feet as a result.
Along with the other members, he wants to go camping.
He cannot consume cucumbers.
This gifted dancer attended the same dancing school as SinB from GFriend and Eunseo from WJSN.
He admires BigBang’s G-Dragon.
Kim Saeron, Jooheon of Monsta X, Chani of SF9, Lee Suhyun of Akmu, Seungkwan, and Dino of Seventeen are all people he gets along with.
If Rocky were not in the music business, he would like to be a dance instructor.
On the majority of Astro’s songs, he contributed to writing the rap sections.
Additionally, he has written a number of songs, such as When the Wind Blows and No, I Don’t.
The Jinju resident came in second place in 1theK’s Dance War (2018).
In the new dorm, he rooms with MJ and Sanha.
Rocky would adore dating Sanha if he were born a female.
A female who is kind, pleasant, and cute is his preferred type.

Rocky Family

ATEEZ Due to his status as an idol, Rocky does not have a biological family. He views the other ATEEZ members as his family, nevertheless. They have been together since before their debut, and they have been there for one another through good times and bad. Rocky has stated that he believes he can discuss anything with his teammates and that they would always be there for him. He feels incredibly fortunate to have them in his life.

Rocky has a close contact with his Atiny fans in addition to his ATEEZ members. He communicates with them frequently on social media and values their assistance. He has expressed the idea that Atiny are like family to him.

Rocky Net Worth 2024

Rocky’s net worth is anticipated to be close to $1 million in 2024. Included in this are his earnings from sponsorship deals, concerts, merchandise, and album sales.

He is one of ATEEZ’s most well-liked members and has a sizable social media following. This enables him to earn a large sum from sponsorships and advertising.

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