New Video Reveals A Nuclear 5,000 Passenger Plane Is Feasible

Even though it defies the limits of existing technology and the rules of physics, a fantasy video depicting a massive flying hotel that can remain in the sky for years on end has made a sensation online.
However, Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni engineer who developed the Sky Cruise concept film based on a futuristic design by artist Alexander Tujicov, maintains that aviation engineering will eventually catch up to his vision.

And he claims that his absurd idea will aid in expanding the realm of the conceivable.
Al Ghaili told CNN that he hopes that the discussion about Sky Cruise will lead to new ideas that will assist to improve upon the “tiresome” and “outdated” experience of flying that is now available.

Therefore, I imagined a world where traveling became enjoyable rather than a struggle for leg room, he explained through email.

Al Ghaili claims that one of his favorite films, Studio Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky” anime, which depicts enormous floating ships with inhabitants within, served as inspiration for his own work.
Similar to other ships, Sky Cruise is large, with space for almost 5,000 passengers and amenities like movie theaters, swimming pools, spas, and even shopping centers.
According to Al Ghaili, Sky Cruise would use clean nuclear fusion energy, a technology that does not yet exist, and would let it to “stay above the clouds for several years.”

He continues that both electric commercial and private aircraft would be used to transport supplies and passengers to the hotel.

The engineer said that it is only “a matter of time” before this idea becomes a reality. But because of its enormous size, it would require additional infrastructure and modifications from the aviation sector.
He exclaims, “The Sky Cruise is enormous!” It will therefore require a substantial runway that does not already exist.

Innovative concepts

In order to ensure that other air traffic steers clear of it, it would also be necessary to alter air navigation protocols.
Some of Al Ghaili’s 30 million Facebook fans have pointed out the fundamental design problems of the exceptional design, showing that not everyone is as optimistic about the design’s potential as he is.
One person wrote, “Whether nuclear powered or not, gravity is never letting that thing get off the ground.” Some questioned the idea of launching a nuclear reactor, while others brought up a very straightforward issue: maintaining water in the swimming pool while taking off.
Al Ghaili claims that his video, which has received 9.3 million Facebook views, serves a purpose other than becoming a viral hit.

Innovative ideas like this one spur progress and advance humanity, he claims.

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