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According To A Survey, Working From Home Increases The Risk Of Fraud For Firms

According to a poll, firms are more likely to experience fraud when employees work from home.
According to a survey of 500 medium-sized UK businesses conducted by the accounting firm BDO, 78% reported that since remote working has become more widespread, their susceptibility to criminality has increased.

Last year, fraud affected almost nine out of ten businesses, resulting in average losses of £219,000. More over a quarter of them claimed to have been a victim at least twice.

If, for instance, a fraudster calls an employee pretending to be someone in another department of the company and establishes a rapport, working from home could increase the risks.

The possibilities of such “red lights” going ignored are higher when employees work remotely, according to Kaley Crossthwaite of BDO, because they are less likely to spend time simply chit-chatting with coworkers or enquiring, “Do you know this person?”

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