8 Street Art Artists That You Should Know

Lifestyle8 Street Art Artists That You Should Know

Street artists play an essential role in cities’ cultural and social life. Urban artists cleverly transform gray and dull public spaces, adding color and life. There are no boundaries for them; they break them down and help people see beauty in the simplest things. They also inspire many people to new achievements with their works.

Street artists interact with the public, getting instant feedback. In addition, it is an excellent start for aspiring artists. Street art artist gets an opportunity to express themselves, get recognized and develop their skills, as it has turned out for many celebrities. Our article will introduce you to outstanding and unique artists who are now exhibiting at Avant Gallery and previously positioned themselves as street artists.


Stamatis Pavlidis is an art worker of Greek origin. He often painted colorful images of children on the walls of buildings. Pavlidis represented the emotions of the younger generation, from sadness to joy. STMTS uses various techniques that symbolized purity, innocence, and the future. His most famous creations were :

  • Nicky Jam’s Intimo album cover;
  • the “I Love Life” exhibit;
  • murals for the KPMG office in Muscat, Oman.

He tried to encourage doubt about social norms and the need to rethink our relationship with nature.

Blek le Rat

French innovative artist Blek le Rat is known for his unique and distinctive stencil technique. He has been actively creating graffiti in public spaces. Since the 1980s, he started his career as an artist of street art, inspired by works in New York. His pseudonym means a name from comic books and an anagram of “rat”. He often painted this animal as hidden aspects of urban life. His works dealt with human rights and issues of abuse of militarized structures. His most famous works were Shadow and Air Rat.


It is a well-known and poetic street artist who captivated audiences with his depictions of environmental and social issues through art. His real name is Sylvester Santiago. He has created many interesting outdoor works, including a fossilized mural in Bushwick and the “Downside Up” installation in London.


Alexandro Farto, under the pseudonym Vhils, created unique creations through wall carvings. The Portuguese began his journey with graffiti but honed his skills in a more personalized style over the years. He worked with a chisel, hammer, blasters, and drill. Farto became a kind of creative archaeologist. Vhils gained popularity through the Scratching the Surface project.


He was a street artist who gained fame through his humorous and dynamic works. He created “Coffee Villain” inspired by his addiction to the beverage. Nme is an active participant in the Free Art Friday movement.


Australian creative personality Luke Cornish reveals his art to the world under the pseudonym ELK. A peculiar technique characterizes his works: he uses hand-cutting up to 80 acetate layers and spraying aerosol dye. Thus, his works are pretty detailed and realistic, like real photographs.

Don Mateo

One of the most influential artist known for street art is Don Mateo, also known as Mathieu from Lyon. He has become popular for his work stenciling and painting portraits on them. Mathieu uses a scalpel to create fine lines. Don Mateo’s art is not meant to express active participation in social activities but a desire to express his belonging to natural beauty. He has created the exhibit The Thinker, Urban Madonna, and the Les Enfants series

Crummy Gummy

He is a photographer and street artist from Orlando. He deftly conveys humor and satire in even the most boring compositions. His unique style is based on large format images: characters from comic books, movies, and children’s toys and their absurdity in the real world. Some of Crummy Gummy’s most striking works are “Alien: No Home” and “Batman Retired.” He openly criticizes the current culture by reflecting his opinions in the works.

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