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5 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete grinding and polishing can give your floor a stunning, glossy finish and improve its longevity and safety, notes the experts at denmanrealty.com.

However, concrete grinding and polishing are just the first steps in having long-lasting, great-looking floors. When you don’t maintain your flooring, the benefits of this process can quickly fade away, leaving you surfaces that are dull, easily scratched, and vulnerable to damage.

Because of this reason, you need to maintain your flooring sufficiently after investing in floor grinding services and concrete polishing.

The Importance of Maintaining Polished Concrete Flooring

Below are the benefits of maintaining your polished concrete flooring:

1.     Stress-free upkeep.

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. They are less porous, making them less susceptible to stains and dirt.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your floors entirely. They still have to be cleaned regularly to maintain their shine and prevent scratches and scuffs from accumulating.

Failing to clean your polished floors routinely can lead to dirt and debris, which can eventually cause them to lose their luster and require more aggressive cleaning methods.

2.     Enhanced floor safety.

Cleaning your concrete flooring regularly allows you to keep them safe. Dirt and debris can create slip hazards, which is why it is crucial to sweep and vacuum your floors regularly.

Additionally, failing to clean spills immediately can leave a slippery residue that can make your flooring susceptible to slips.

By cleaning your floors regularly, you can help prevent accidents and injuries in your home or workplace.

3.     Better indoor air quality.

When your concrete flooring is free of dust, dirt and other debris, there will be no or fewer allergens inside your home or commercial space.

This can lead to better indoor air quality inside your residence or commercial premises.

With improved air quality, you can help people with allergies or respiratory issues avoid getting sick or worsening their conditions.

4.     More appealing space.

Polished concrete floors enhance the aesthetics of any space. They give premises a bright, more refined look that other types of flooring can’t provide.

And if you want to maintain the polished look of your floor, you need to clean and maintain it properly.

Doing so helps preserve the aesthetics of your space and keeps your floors looking beautiful for years.

5.     Improved protection.

Sealant is often applied on polished concrete floors to protect them from scratches, stains and other types of damage.

However, sealants tend to wear away over time, which is why you need to reapply this product regularly on polished floors. Doing so ensures you protect your flooring from scratches and other types of damage and help them stay shiny and appealing.

Reapplying sealant can also prevent your floor from becoming easily stained and discolored, which are typical problems in high-traffic areas or places where spills are common.

Resealing polished concrete regularly offers these benefits, helping you extend your floor’s lifespan and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

This will help you save money in the long run since you won’t need to have them repaired and replaced prematurely.

Simple and Easy Ways to Maintain Polished Concrete Flooring

Aside from resealing polished concrete flooring regularly, there are other simple, easy yet effective ways to maintain them. Below are some of the following tips and tricks:

1.     Place walk-off mats at entrances.

A walk-off mat traps dirt, dust, debris and moisture that can cause your floors to get dirty and even potential slip and fall accidents. It can help you save time and money on cleaning your flooring as well.

Installing walk-off mats at entrances is one of the easiest tips you can follow to maintain and keep your polished concrete floor clean.

Like carpets, clean the mats regularly so they don’t trap plenty of dirt and debris that people may track into your space.

Remember to replace the mats every six months or when they are too worn down since they won’t do their job of keeping dirt out of your space.

2.     Sweep and mop your floor regularly.

Sweeping and vacuuming your floor routinely removes dust, debris and other particles that can chafe and cause it to lose its shine over time.

If you want to vacuum the floor, use a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching or damaging it.

Another option is to use a microfiber cloth or pad to dry-mop your floor. This cleaning tool suspends dirt and removes them from the surface.

If you want to wet mop your floor, use only clean water, a gentle cleaning solution and mops.

3.     Clean spills immediately.

Although polished concrete is water-resistant, it doesn’t mean you should leave spills on the floor.

When you let spills sit too long on polished concrete, they can leave stains or wear away the floor’s protective finish. They can also discolor the flooring, reduce its shine or damage the concrete.

As such, clean liquid spills on polished concrete immediately, especially if you’re dealing with chemicals.

As mentioned, use a microfiber cloth or pad, mop, water, and mild cleaning solution to clean spills on your polished concrete.

4.     Avoid using strong cleaning products.

Whether you’re cleaning spills or doing your routine maintenance chores, avoid using bleach, ammonia, hydrochloric acid and any strong citrus solution to clean your floor.

Also, do not apply acidic cleaning agents on the floor since these products can damage the polished concrete surface.

It is best to use only neutral pH and other gentler cleaning solutions for your polished concrete floor.

5.     Clean floors in sections when using soap.

Lastly, if you’re using mild soap to mop your floor, give this solution enough time to work into the dirt.

However, don’t let the soap dry on your floor since it will make it harder for you to remove it and leave scum or build-up on the surface, which can give it a dull look.

To avoid this issue, clean your floors in sections so that soap won’t dry on the surface and you’ll still have time to wash it off properly.

When you take the time to care for your flooring properly, you can enjoy the various benefits of floor grinding and polishing and keep your space looking new and stunning for many years.

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