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Hire An AV Company in Nashville for Your Next Event in 11 Simple Steps

To organize an event successfully you have to deal with various things at the same time. AV services are one of the key components behind the success of your event. Whether it is an event conducted for a corporate conference, a gala dinner, or a product launch, the AV setup has a significant effect on how the audience reacts to the event and whether they get the message behind the event. The right AV company in nashville brings magic to your event and turns it into a magical one. In this blog, you will get all the information necessary to hire an av companies in Nashville for your next event in five simple steps.

1. Do your Research on AV Companies

Seeking an AV company for your event is a tedious task. You will have to conduct thorough research on various AV crewing companies. Start by preparing a list of AV companies operating in your locality and known for their previous work in a similar kind of event.

Go through their websites, check customer testimonials, and make sure to view their other works. Ask your networks and connections for suggestions regarding the AV companies and your event.

2. Prepare for the first meeting with the AV company

Choose two or three AV companies, and do a meeting with them where you will tell them your event needs. Ask them all questions that you have in your mind regarding their company and your event. Describe your event to the technical crew, and specify the date, venue, and anticipated participation with exact technical needs. Through these meetings ensure that the AV company in Nashville you are going to choose is appropriate for organizing your event as well as making sure it possesses all the crucial elements.

3. Determine What you Want Vs what is your Need

When you meet with the AV company and talk to them about the details of your event, it is crucial to see what the difference between wants and needs is. The AV company will help you differentiate your needs from your wants. At times, it may seem like all that matters is the use of the latest AV technology or staying within your set budget, but the reality is that you need to keep your event’s goals at the highest priority

A budget AV company plays the role of an expert who enables you to remain within budget all the time while still delivering a good effect to the audience.

4. Let the AV company know your budget

Setting a budget for AV services is an important aspect of event planning, which should be based on realism. It is necessary to interact openly and honestly with the AV company about any budgetary restrictions from the beginning of the discussion. This transparency guarantees that all are at the same wavelength and this ensures smooth working. A credible AV company will try and accommodate within your budget without compromising on the quality of service.

5. Give complete venue details to the AV company

It is important to give all the details of the venue where your event is to be held to the event AV services to ensure that the AV company has no issues with the setup and operation of AV equipment at the venue. Different factors like the size of the venue, ceiling height, type of walls, and the presence of natural light, will affect the AV setup.

6. Share Desired Layouts

The AV installed in your event directly connects with your event’s layout. Offer information about the construction of the event space and what you would like to see. The AV company can develop a custom design that aligns with the overall event experience that you want to provide to the attendees. This will help the AV team in recommending the best suitable location for speakers, screens, lighting, and various equipment that can be used as enhancements at the event.

7. Bring Ideas for Content

The content broadcasted or projected during the event is also as important as the audio-visual equipment utilized for this purpose. Coordinate with the AV company and develop concepts that will engage your audience. Whether you want to show video presentations, slide shows, live demos, or interactive polls, use AV technology to generate more powerful content. The AV company can give you advice on which formats and technologies work best for your content, to maximize the impact and appeal of your content.

8. Prepare a Detailed Schedule

Following a good schedule is one of the key aspects of a successful event. Work in collaboration with the audio-visual services to come up with a thorough timeline that defines the important stages like the setup, testing, presentations, breaks, and takedown.

Allocate enough time for AV setup and testing before the event starts. It will help us avoid any conflicts that may occur in the process and ensure that everything is perfect on the day.

9. Factor AV Company Set-Up and Breakdown

When meeting with the AV company, make sure to properly identify their time requirements for both setup and takedown. This will depend on the level of complexity of the setup and the size of your event. Remember to set aside the right amount of time in your plan for these activities so no delays or overlaps take place. Also, ask the AV company how many people the AV crew will bring to the setup and breakdown.

10. Getting quotations and estimates

After discussion of the event details with the AV company, ask for quotes and estimates. Make sure to verify if they meet your budget and the desired outcome. Also, compare quotes from many AV companies. However, consider the quality and reliability while choosing event AV services.

11. Making the Final Decision

You need to be very careful with the selection of the budget AV services for your event because it may decide its success. While making your final decision, pay attention not only to the cost of the work but also to the years of experience of the company, its reputation, and the quality of the proposal.

The AV crewing that is able to explain clearly, knows your vision, and has customer-oriented services at affordable prices is likely the right partner for your event. When you have made your mind up on the matter, communicate it quickly, and start with the detailed planning process with the selected Audiovisual services.


In this endeavor, remember that good audio-visual services can lead to even a mediocre occasion turning into an excellent experience. Take the time to look for someone who shares a similar goal with you and you are more likely to have an event of a lifetime.

Finally, there is no need to worry about hiring an AV company in Nashville for your event. You can do this by following these 11 steps and consulting a trustworthy AV company like NPDTV, so you can relax and enjoy your event knowing it will run smoothly and leave your attendees with a great impression.

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