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2024’s Top 4 Gacha Online Games

In the world of mobile gaming, there is a new force that deserves to be reckoned with. These are called gachapon, which are named after the toy capsule dispensers that enjoyed popularity in Japan. There is a level of uncertainty that the gacha requires. It’s what they thrive best off off. The level of uncertainty, in this case, is certainly high. Characters, equipment, and items? They’re all at random!

Continue reading to find out the top gotcha games of 2024!

Dragon Ball Legends

Jili games are not the same league as gacha, but hey, they are still games, and they still do count! We should not be surprised, however, due to the popularity of Dragon Ball and its mark on pop culture. Dragon Ball has since then released two (2) gacha games that have won over the hearts of its players. Both games have since become popular and successful. It was in 2018, though, that Dragon Ball Legends became playable. Its newness to the market is why fewer people prefer it to the slightly older Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

Most Dragon Ball games are fighting games. However, it has entered a new territory by delving into the market of gacha. Dragon Ball Legends is a card battler, unlike its traditional arcade brawler predecessors. The pulls in a gacha game usually decide the character cards the players obtain, as well as miscellaneous items that can be used to support them in a fight. New Dragon Ball characters Akira Toriyama created also contributed to its success; the releases made it even more popular with the already-established Dragon Ball fanbase.

Genshin Impact

Don’t be fooled; Genshin Impact is a far cry from Breath of the Wild, but it does have a wide open-world mechanic where you can explore dungeons and get the game’s characters. It has also been deemed as one of the most visually stunning and popular gacha games. The game has been around for three (3) years and was published by Hoyoverse, formerly Mihoyo, outperforming even the most popular gacha for a longer period of time.

The game’s popularity and success are well-earned, as the game is free and feels like a high-quality single-player experience. Every patch that Hoyoverse comes up with and releases, the content quality can only get better. We can attribute this to Hoyoverse reinvesting a ton of the profit into better user experience and the creation of new content.

Honkai Star Rail

Unlike its sister, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based gacha game. Character designs are gorgeous, and the story is an epic one with a lot of effort put into it. Characters possess unique elements, paths, and fighting styles. Thus, Honkai Star Rail produces and unravels an appealing, enthralling narrative, and the combat is unique, making use of turns.


Lastly, we have Onmyoji. NetEase published the game in 2016 and had a Steam release. Players take the role of a court-appointed expert in divination and prayer from Feudal Japan, who’s tasked with protecting the relationship between humans and demons. There is an official title for the role, which is the Onmyoji.

The gacha aspect of Onymoji lies in its collection mechanic. The lore there derives from Japanese folklore. It has received high marks from reviewers on Steam and Google Play.

Wrapping Up

There are many great gacha experiences onward. Some have existences that have changed the game, with Genshin Impact being a huge part of that. On the other hand, the others have also certainly held up well, given the test of time and content quality.

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