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2023 results in football: great Bayer, mess at Borussia Dortmund and more

Team of the year: Bayer

In this block, we will take into account the performances of Leverkusen mainly in the current season. In the spring of last year, most likely due to being busy in the Europa League, it was not possible to regularly score points in the Bundesliga, but the semi-finals of the European Cup and the leadership in the championship at the moment can be called a very strong performance. Xabi Alonso was able to build a great team that shows a confident game and tries to play bright football. In addition, the summer transfer campaign was quite successful. Some players, for example, Alejandro Grimaldo or Victor Boniface, are already among the leaders of the club and have become favorites according to analytics https://bettiltindia.in/.

If it is possible to keep the head coach in the composition of “pharmacists”, then we can see a nice project that can become a candidate for the championship in the coming years. The most important thing is that it is possible to go well on the distance, which is especially important when we are talking about the current German championship, as well as to build the principles of the game on a modern approach, so this is not a coincidence and we will watch the next months and the championship race with interest.

Unluckiest team of the year: Borussia Dortmund

The second half of the last season was excellent in the performance of Edin Terzych’s team. It was possible to overcome the gap from Bavaria, to pass almost the entire distance without defeat. Towards the end, the two rivals were alternating places in the table, and after Munich’s defeat by Leipzig and Borussia’s victory in Augsburg, it seemed that the championship would finally happen after many years of failure. However, the draw with Mainz and the triumph of the opponent in Cologne did not allow this to be realized.

In the summer, there was a failed transfer campaign, at least as of now, when they signed several players who are not showing their maximum at the moment, and problematic positions were not filled, then failures in the Bundesliga, where they were solidly behind the competition. A scenario is not excluded when there will be a change of coach, at least the invitation of Nuri Sahin to the current coaching staff partially hints at it, it is difficult to know if there will be a solid reinforcement in the winter transfer market, so for now everything is going a little differently than the fans of the team expected.

Lucky people of the year: Bayern

Julian Nagelsmann tried to build a good project in Munich, but the management decided to release him before important matches and appoint Thomas Tuchel. This situation led to relegation from the German Cup and the Champions League, and in the Bundesliga it was possible to win the championship title only thanks to the failure of Borussia Dortmund, because if it were not for a draw with Mainz at home, there would not be a single silver salad bowl. In Cologne, they managed to score closer to the end of the match through the efforts of Jamal Musiala, which made it possible to win at least one trophy. Frankly lucky, what can I say.

The quality of play under the leadership of the current coaching staff is not impressive, and the problems are not so visible at the moment thanks to the top form of Harry Kane and several other players. It is not known whether this will allow us to win in the Bundesliga and the Champions League, because the competition is quite serious right now.

Failure of the year: Hertha

The crisis in the Berlin team led to relegation, which had been expected for several years. Very often he was one step away from this, as in the season before last, when he kept his registration in transition matches. However, this time it turned out differently. There were attempts to correct the situation, but in the end this unpleasant situation occurred.

Now the club is not even in the leaders of the second Bundesliga, it can be stuck in it for a long time. At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly how realistic the return looks and how the reorganization in the team structure will end.

Sensation of the year: Stuttgart

This team is very important for German football, there are some trophies in the club museum, but in previous years it was not always possible to show good results. This time we see a slightly different picture. The invitation of Sebastian Guness was correct and allows us to improve the performances in the championship and the cup. Right now, the team from Baden-Württemberg is close to the top four and can qualify for the Champions League.

In addition, players, for example, Seru Girassi, also perform solidly. There is another interesting team in the Bundesliga, which is quite pleasant to watch.

The best coach of the year: Xabi Alonso

You can hardly find a more obvious candidate. After the work of the Spanish coach, Bayer turned into one of the best teams in Europe, showing bright performances and excelling in every possible tournament. Many players turned into top representatives of their positions, showing very solid numbers. It is interesting how this project will develop further.

Real Madrid really wants to sign the head coach, but Leverkusen doesn’t really want to let him go. At the moment, they have created such an impression for each other, and if it is possible to maintain this level in the future, there will definitely be no shortage of offers for work in the future.

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