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Zero-Waste Hacks: Learn How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Daily Life

In our changing world, we are dealing with significant challenges such as taking care of the environment. One of the biggest issues is that most food gets thrown away and ends up in the garbage dump without any consideration for the environment. According to The World Counts,  roughly one third of the world’s food is wasted. Not only does it hurt our environment, but it will also put a strain on our future. If we don’t recycle food waste it will rot in landfills and turn into methane, which is detrimental to our world. However, we could make a change in this with the choices we make every day. In this blog, we will dwell into the several easy ways you can recycle your food waste at home!

What is Food Waste & Why Should I Recycle?

Food waste is the unnecessary disposal of organic or edible items such as seeds, meats, and eggshells. As mentioned in the introduction, it is a global issue which can significantly damage our environment. When we recycle food waste, not only do we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we are also turning food waste into valuable resources.

This approach is commonly known as composting. Composting food waste can be done anywhere, ranging from farmlands to apartments. There are many methods and ways you can start your journey.

Plan Your Kitchen Inventory & Smart Purchases

The first step to reducing food waste is to audit and take inventory count of your kitchen.  Taking your inventory account will ensure that you only purchase only necessary items, and no abundance of food can significantly help you reduce your household food waste. A huge portion of food waste occurs when we mindlessly buy items. To reduce mindless spending, you can create a shopping checklist only purchasing items that are organic and recycling packaging such as paper bags instead of plastic. Furthermore, you can

Purchase A Compost Bin

According to the United States of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only 5 per cent of wasted food was composted in 2019. You can easily negate the environmental impact by purchasing a compost bin. A compost bin is a storage bin specifically designed to naturally help process and turn organic food or items into decomposition. By doing so, this waste can be reused and turned into a valuable product for your landscape or garden. For example, you can even use composted food waste for an herb garden in a small apartment or even convert waste into animal feed.

Join Community and Social Initiatives

Attending community events such as joining a community garden or recycle day can have a huge impact on reducing food waste. All you must do is look up on social media or google to find your local community event!


Overall, there are many hacks to reduce food waste in your daily life. We hope our tips and tricks have inspired you to make conscious choices to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly individual. Every small decision and effort you make in your daily life will have a ripple effect, not only will you reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, but you could also even inspire others to follow your ways and contribute to a positive change.

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