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K-POPWINNER Mino Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net...

About Mino

Song Min-ho, better known by the stage name Mino, is a South Korean rapper and TV personality from YG Entertainment. He rose to fame as a member of the highly-successful group “Winner”. In November 2018, Mino made his official solo debut with the studio album “XX”. In September 2016, Mino and labelmate Bobby of iKON was formed as the project sub-unit, MOBB. Together, they released a four-track single album titled The Mobb, with the double A-side singles, “Full House” and “Hit Me” on September 9.



BIRTH DATE: March 30, 1993

BIRTH PLACE: Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

HEIGHT: 6’0″


Early Life And Career

Mino has been immersed in the music business since a very young age. He initially worked for Stardom Entertainment as a trainee for a number of years.Finally, he was given a spot in Block B, a brand-new boy band. But Mino opted to leave the company due to a contract dispute.The Yongin native reestablished himself with the Y2Y Contents Company. As a member of the ballad boy band BoM, he performed under the stage name Tagoon.In July 2011, this rapper formally debuted with the crew. Mino wasn’t compensated adequately when she was employed there.
No royalties were paid because he wasn’t even given credit for the songs he contributed to. The group eventually disbanded after two years.Mino received a proposal from YG Entertainment in 2013. After witnessing his cover of BigBang’s “La La La” in The Strongest K-POP Survival in 2012, the firm got in touch with him. He took them up on their offer and joined as a trainee.Soon after, Mino signed up for the WIN: Who Is Next? survival reality show. He was a member of Team A, which had to face off against Team B in order to make their debut.Team A was declared the winner at the conclusion of the show. Together with his bandmates, Mino would make his debut as the new boy band WINNER.2014 saw the release of the group’s debut album, 2014 S/S. Both the Gaon Album Chart and the Billboard World Albums Chart had it at number one.
Tilted Empty and Color Ring were two other tracks that were made available as lead singles.

Mino Quick Facts

Danah is the younger sister of Mino from WINNER. She was a part of the girl group called New F.O.
Having completed Hanlim Arts High School, he
Tteokbeokki is his preferred dish, and Fight Club is his preferred motion picture.
He was going to make his Block B debut, but he changed his mind.
WINNER’s Mino began his career as a rapper under the name HugeBoy Mino and collaborated with Block B’s Zico and M.I.B’s Sims. He enjoys writing music, painting, playing basketball, and photography.
He was meant to be the founding leader of WINNER, but due to an ankle injury, Seungyoon took up that role.
In some television programs, including New Journey to the West, Show Me the Money 4, The Strongest K-POP Survival, and others, he made an appearance.Johnny is a Munchkin cat owned by Mino.
The late member of Ladies’ Code EunB attended the same school where he previously attended.
When he was younger, the K-pop idol went by the rap name Hugeboy Mino. He collaborated with P.O. and Zico from Block B, SIMS from M.I.B.
His childhood friend P.O.
Additionally, he is friendly with Joohyung You, Incredivle, and Jackson from GOT7.
He participated in Epik High’s Haters Birth in 2014.
The Aries guy was supposed to be Winner’s leader, but once he got hurt, Yoon took over.
He resembles Taeyang and G-Dragon from BigBang in terms of appearance.
Over the course of nearly two years, the Yongin man played tennis.
Fight Club is one of his favorite movies.
He appreciates Tteokbokki. Even eating it helped him relax.
Mino is averse to insects.
A female who eats well and is not choosy is his ideal kind. He would adore someone that is responsible and can be silly around.

Mino Family

The rapper for the WINNER boy group from South Korea, Mino, has two siblings. Song Dan-ah, his younger sister, was a former member of the disbanded girl group “New F.O.” She is one year his junior. The rapper known by the stage moniker “#Gun” and once signed to Starship Entertainment, Song Gun-hee, is another relative of Mino.South Koreans make up both of Mino’s parents. His mother, Kim Mi-hee, is a housewife, while his father, Song Jae-woon, is a businessman. Song Dan-ah, Mino’s sister, is a singer and actor. She formerly belonged to the female group “New F.O.” Rapper Song Gun-hee, who was affiliated with Starship Entertainment, is Mino’s cousin. The stage name “#Gun” is another name for him.Family is very important to Mino. In both his songs and interviews, he frequently discusses them. He is appreciative of their support and always proud to stand in for them.

Mino Net Worth 2024

Song Minho, best known by his stage name Mino, is expected to have a $10 million net worth as of 2024. He is a rapper, singer, composer, and actor from South Korea. He has both solo music out and is a part of the boy band WINNER.In 2011, Mino began working for YG Entertainment as a trainee. His debut with the boy band Block B was initially scheduled, but it was postponed because of a contract dispute between his parents and the management.He joined Team A of the reality competition “WIN: Who Is Next” in 2013. The winning team, Team A, made their WINNER debut in 2014.”2014 S/S” and “EXIT:E” are Mino’s two studio albums as a member of WINNER. Additionally, he has two solo EPs called “MINO” and “XX” out. He has received praise for his solo work and numerous honors, including the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Solo Artist in 2018.

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